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Brenta Dolomites and Val di Sole: trekking tips

Live one step at a time, fill your eyes and heart with beauty, breathe the thin and pure air of the high altitude, in a continuous alternation of panoramas, atmospheres, colors and scents. In Val di Sole you can choose different itineraries immersed in the mountains of the Ortles-Cevedale group, the Adamello-Presanella and the Brenta Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Read More

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Dancing in the Grass SS18: kids occasion dresses can also be organic

Spring is special occasion period: it is not difficult to find formal dress for kids, but the point is not this… nowadays there are elegant dresses for all budgets and for all tastes. The point is what are we buying?

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It’s Fashion Revolution Week!

April 2018 will be the 5th year anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse and 5 years since Fashion Revolution was born. During that time, millions of people have joined Fashion Revolution to demand a fairer, more transparent industry. To ensure brands continue to listen and create the far reaching, permanent change needed to ensure we never see a tragedy like Rana Plaza again. Read More

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Girls’ special occassion clothing: 20 ideas to avoid mistakes

Spring = Special occasions: in the next months we will focus weddings, confirmations, communions. How to dress little girls?Read More

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How to dress children in spring: Barn of Monkeys SS18

Spring is perhaps the most beautiful season of the year but also the most insidious when choosing the outfits for our little ones: too hot, too cold, first sweating then freezing, in the sun you are fine with short sleeves, while in the shade with the wind you suffer glacial air… so the solution to the question How to dress children in spring? is dressing in layers.

Instead of the usual kids outfit with sweatshirt and shirt, we tried to create a different look, using what will be the garments that Sissi will wear in the middle of summer. Read More


Bed and Breakfast in Rome: a luxury experience at Casa Montani

When it comes to bed and breakfast in big historical cities it is not always easy to find a comfortable and charming accommodation: often B&Bs have a family management, warm, homemade, but lacking a bit of privacy or of those special pampering that we wish when we are traveling, whether it be for holiday or business. Finding a good bed and breakfast in Rome is not easy: the offer is very wide and making mistakes is easy.Read More

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Kids Design: kids bedroom ideas for spring

You can’t change the furniture of children’s room every season: we would like to, but often the issues of space (and sometimes a few money), as well as a kind of education to sobriety and conscious buying, prevent us. In this case kids design comes to help the desire for renewal typical of spring: with a few new and special accessories you will be able to give a new look to kidsroom.Read More

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Zadig & Voltaire Kids SS18: a rock-mantic kids outfit in a urban circus

We love urban looks. Sissi always lived in the city, moreover she is accustomed to travel mainly in metropolitan destinations, so she really loves this style. Lately, however, she wants to wear often dresses, it’s a part of her (innate) femininity that must necessarily coexist with her 6-years-old life.

For an afternoon of skating immersed in the first shy spring sun of Rome, in the cool location of Colosseo Quadrato (in EUR zone in Rome), we chose a total look Zadig & Voltaire Kids, from the current spring/summer 2018 collection.Read More

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CIFF Kids: trends in kids fashion for Fall/winter 2018/19

CIFF Kids is always the most stimulating kids fashion fair for us: it reflects 100% our style and our letkidsbekids philosophy and, not least, we find many brands that are attentive to environment and sustainability.

As every edition of CIFF Kids, January 2018 edition presented to buyers and press children’s fashion collections for Fall/Winter 2018/19 also with meetings, conferences, panels.Read More


Travel with Children: two days mother-and-daughter with the charme of Palazzo Montemartini

It tooks (almost) 6 years. Our first trip alone, a  mom-and-daughter trip, something intimate and special that we did to assist at a unique event not far from home: in Rome, together, just the two of us, as if it were a pajama-party a little special best-friends’ weekend.

When it comes to holidays with children many parents are a little scared: for some of them travel means relaxation and means no-children. Some time ago I told you my more than firm conviction on why travelling with children is important, why it should be done right from the start, why you should think of journey as an educational and formative moment, just like the school or other activities.Read More

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