An evening on the coast of Trabocchi

Gabriele D’Annunzio called them colossal spiders.

Nowadays, on the Abruzzo coast in Province of Chieti, between San Salvo and Fossacesia, the Trabocchi are an instagramable, romantic place, rich from a culinary point of view and full of traditions.

The first documented existence of trabocchi dates back to the 18th century, but probably their use goes back as far as the times of the Phoenicians. In Abruzzo, a trabocco is usually built using oak beams, spruce and Aleppo pine. It is a stilt, connected by a bridge to the coast, with long arms called antenne. These antenne extend, suspended a few meters above sea level and support a narrow mesh net called trick (the fish trap). Fishermen retrieve the fish from the bottom of the net while still lying in the water using a sieve as long as a shovel.

Before World War II, fishing from a trabocco could sustain up to 4-5 families. Today they have lost their fishing function to acquire a cultural role becoming an architectural symbol of the area and a tourist attraction: many trabocchi are used as small restaurants “on the sea” or simply as a special place to have fun with family and friends during the weekend.

We spent a pleasant evening with the family at Trabocco San Giovanni: fresh fish and romantic maritime decoration…

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