Altaroma July 2017: I’m Isola Marras

In collaboration with the premium contemporary department store Coin Excelsior, Altaroma presents the
creative work of Efisio Rocco Marras, expression of a new strong identity.
The son of Antonio Marras who took over as Creative Director of the line in 2017, has debuted his new vision
of the brand during the Milan Men Fashion Week with his first Spring Summer 2018 menswear and
womenswear collection.An important generation shift: “I’m very happy with my son’s choice”, says his father, Antonio Marras, “we
have very different visions of the world, and I respect the view of a new generation”.
Launched in 2007 as a more accessible and decoded alternative to the eponymous mainline of its founder
Antonio Marras, with the vision of the new Creative Director I’M Isola Marras becomes the contemporary
line in the Marras family. It represents a major new step forward for the brand that re-conceptualises the idea
of the island – the ‘Isola’ – in the brand’s central philosophy, synonymous with the sumptuous aesthetic of
Italy’s Mediterranean islands.

[ph] Elio Rosato / Allucinazione
[ph] Elio Rosato / Allucinazione
[ph] Elio Rosato / Allucinazione

A strong new and clearly distinguished identity is the result of Efisio’s work that says: “the new I’M Isola
Marras will represent a limitless space for a younger generation, where creativity and fresh ideas come

Reaping inspiration from Mathilda Lando, the heroine of Luc Besson’s iconic film Léon, and Masamune
Shirow’s inimitable Manga artwork, I’M Isola Marras Spring Summer 2018 combines androgynous but
playful silhouettes with sharp structures and details.

Léon di Luc Besson – fonte web
Léon di Luc Besson – fonte web

The collection features a well of cutting-edge and contrasting pieces, creating a world where the romantic ideals of youth meets the underground punk aesthetic.
Here, bomber jackets, pierced silver fabrics and combat boots are teamed effortlessly with striped shirts, luxurious damask and the finest floral prints.
The I’M Isola Marras man is a brand new project. Born in the season Fall Winter 2017, with Efisio Marras takes a more compact shape: few pieces but strong, that simplify but make the I’M Isola Marras aesthetics stronger. This collection is made of raw fabrics with a contemporary attitude, and plays with the contrast between street style and grunge mood. The cotton drill has edge to edge cuts, the popeline is wrinkled and crisp on classic shapes, jersey, sweat shirts and the omnipresent detail of the logo and a unisex piece: the iconic ribbed tank top signifier of a daily but easy collection.
While incorporating many of the key Marras codes such as ornaments, layers of fabric and superior artisanship,
the new collection also introduces a targeted focus on core elements like quality knitwear and accessories.
In summary, I’m Isola Marras Spring Summer 2018 puts forth a more complete offering that speaks to the next generation of creatives.

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