Baby outfit: a walk in the park

We’ve (almost) done: Sissi is better, finally, after 15 days of flu, 3 days of antibiotic, 14 awful nights, 6 multi-packs of tissues, endless doses of aerosol, syrup, vitamins, lactic..  I’m generally quite contrary to medicines and also my pediatrician, but this time they were necessary.

20140317-220801.jpgSo today, with a nice warm sun, we will go to the park for a ride on the swing, picking daisies and maybe even on a carousel!

Since she was very sick, I do not feel sure removing her down jacket (our beloved Moncler), at least for today. We will use a lighter jacket for next walks… Sissi today is wearing a blouse from Zara Kids, white, quite simple and embellished by embroidery. The cardigan is lightweight, perforated, a little sparkling, from Bonnie Baby. We combine the like-jeans leggings from Benetton Kids. The socks are from Calzedonia Kids and the sneakers from Naturino. What do you think?

A comment on the new collection from Zara Kids. Have you noticed that this season the division of the sizes is different? There’s Baby from 3 months to 3 years and Kids from 3 to 14 years. Before, they were divided into 3-36 months and 2-14 years, so for Sissi I’ve always bought size 2-3 years from the Kids line, because I do not really like the Baby line… it’s a bit too “baby” ! What do you think?

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