Back to school: how to dress children for school

It’s time! Prepared the list of things that kids need for back to school, let’s think about garments: what we will have to buy again this year, what we can recycle from the previous year and what they will no longer need.

If there is something that children need year after year and that, in addition, must be renewed every time we change season, it’s clothes. The speed with which children grow up makes it impossible for the clothes of one year to last for the next… so it’s time to go shopping!

To avoid buying garments you don’t need or won’t use, there are a few basic tips parents can consider before starting with the back-to-school list.

The first is that we have to make them choose (among the garments they need) the clothes they like the most. This simple gesture can be useful for two reasons: because they feel that their opinion is important for us and because they will wear each garment with pleasure. Also it will cost them less to dress every day for school. Even though they know that mom and dad always have the last word, letting them choose their clothes when shopping and choose what to wear every day can help them develop their capacity for autonomy.

As for the type of clothing ideal for back to school, it will be essential that it is basic and that allows them maximum freedom of movement and that, in addition, it is easily washable. The shoes must be breathable, leather and flexible so as not to oppress the foot.

The coolest look for back to school

Eco-leather has never gone out of fashion, but surely this year in every wardrobe a trousers (or shorts) in eco-leather will not be missing! For Sissi we chose those of Zadig et Voltaire Kids, combined with a t-shirt of the same brand with the iconic rhinestone skull and a coat that made us fall in love.

Snoopy and cartoons

Sweatshirts with comic or cartoon characters are loved by children and perfect for the daily run to school. They look great with jeans or sports pants: did you know that at Kidsaround you will find several garments in the outlet section super discounted?!

Capsule wardrobe

The capsule wardrobe is a “philosophy” born in the 70s, which involves creating a perfect wardrobe with just a few garments. The best advice we can give you to buy clothes for back to school is to buy some basic garments and create different looks with them.


This year the jacket style coats, slightly over, are very trendy: even for girls, they give that cool touch to every look. They will also feel a bit older and you can create fantastic looks matching mom and daughter. The one worn by Sissi is by Zadig et Voltaire Kids.


In the mid-seasons cardigans are very versatile garments: to be worn even as jackets or to be kept at hand when the evening is cooler, or even to be worn as an additional layer under the coat… in short, a must in children’s closet! The tricot cardigan by Zadig et Voltaire Kids, in wool blend, with hood and zip closure is perfect for this season.


There is no doubt: the most comfortable look for children is sportswear or athleisure, in general. While the season is still beautiful, you can combine joggers and a basic t-shirt, such as that of Zadig et Voltaire Kids.


Sneakers are really important for every back to school! If you struggle to find sneakers with velcro even for the largest numbers, you can try the shoes of Premiata Will Be: in genuine leather inside and out, they are very comfortable to wear at any age thanks to the Velcro closure!

Autumn colors

Together with black, now cleared even for children’s looks, an autumn color that gives almost everyone is burgundy, illuminated by rhinestones.

For rainy days

For rainy days, choose jackets and raincoats: with rubber boots they will be really very nice.

The best look for autumn? This one!

Faux leather trousers, t-shirt, cardigan, coat and sneakers. Doesn’t that sound gorgeous? Raise your hand who wants it in the mom version!

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