Back to school: our rehearsal with Kenzo Kids

Another article about back to school… how many articles have you read these days? In the Web you will find decalogues and magic formulas, articles whose common thread is “my little child has grown up”, considerations on school calendars, classes, WhatsApp groups of moms that come back to life these days.

Sissi will be in first grade. And this article could take a sentimental, very sentimental, twist. Or stay just and purely fashion, just like the beautiful outfits that we offer in these shots, signed Kenzo Kids.

How to deal with anxiety for back to school? We played with our rehearsal in a Kenzo girl dress

We want to tell you how we played with our rehearsal for back to school in full Kenzo style. With a smile, because Sissi is really ready for first grade and, although I have so many doubts (the classics: about teachers, about schoolmates, about the alarm clock early in the morning, too early for her), I decided to avoid speeches on how much she has grown, about time that passed so quickly. Because yes, it’s been 6 and a half years, but they weren’t really a heartbeat: they were 6 and a half years of us, of many experiences, of a daily experience that led us to what we are today and for which I feel I can look to the future of my little girl at school with optimism.

Often our attitude as parents influences our children: that is why I tried, leaving it very clear that at school we study and undertake, to convey to Sissi a feeling as positive as possible. I told her how much I liked studying, how nice it is to know how to read independently and how it is useful to know how to count.

One single concern: the alarm clock will sound sooner this year! That’s when our general rehearsal was very useful to calculate our times: she chooses her favorite look, dresses independently and controls the backpack. A good breakfast and done: ready for the first day of school!

Dresses for children: dress Kenzo Kids
Dresses for children: Kenzo Kids dress 

Kenzo Kids Cosmic Collection: start school with the right foot

Did you know that the word school derives from Greek σχολή (Skholḗ)? In Greek it meant free time, intended (like Otium for the Latins) as a recreation for the mind, a use of its own forces, especially mental and spiritual, in a free and pleasant way, without a real practical purpose. In the thirteenth century Latin Schŏla becomes the reference of a place where one gathers for the study, until the current meaning of the term.

This is the way in which I would like my girl to come into contact with the study for the first time: a free, open way, an opportunity for mind and spirit to approach knowledge and discover new things. In this sense Cosmic collection of Kenzo Kids is perfect for our back to school: a modern style, urban, that combines the classic motifs of the brand, like the eye, to cool motifs such as the bonnet and plaits, the super trendy metallic finish, black, denim, to metallic prints on sweatshirts that look… at the Cosmos!

Children's clothes: Kenzo Kids Sweatshirt
Children’s clothes: Kenzo Kids Sweatshirt

Kenzo Kids AW18: Trends for autumn/winter in children’s clothing for school

The looks chosen for our back to school represent a comfortable children fashion, although branded, portable daily.

Difficult to choose our favorite outfit, even if the double Kenzo dress is really a passepartout garment, usable in every season and versatile: the short sleeve dress can be used even in summer, then become warmer thanks to the Kenzo sweatshirt, which can also be used alone, as in the second look, with Kenzo jeans, very soft and with a perfect fit.

Children's clothes: Jeans Kenzo Kids
Children’s clothes: Jeans Kenzo Kids
Children's clothes: Kenzo Kids Sweatshirt
Children’s clothes: Kenzo Kids Sweatshirt

And if you are undecided in choosing the girls jackets for back to school… the solution, once again very versatile (to be used in casual and more elegant key), is this Kenzo padded jacket in soft black velvet. The color, black, has a slightly metallic finish and the details of zip and copper buttons illuminate a lot this garment, not at all gloomy, but rather bright and very cosmic! The look is completed perfectly by the cap, perfect for the first cold mornings and to face that fresh air, that our thoughts and our emotions will fill very soon. You can take a look at the other shots for Kenzo Kids in this dedicated gallery.

Children's clothes: Kenzo Kids Jacket
Children’s clothes: Kenzo Kids Jacket
Children's clothes: Kenzo Kids Jacket
Children’s clothes: Kenzo Kids Jacket

The Kenzo Kids Fall/Winter 2018/19 collection is already available in the best boutiques, online and physical, and on Kenzo shop online.

My wish for the back to school of your children is to live Skholḗ with joy and serenity.

Children's clothes: Kenzo Kids Jacket
Children’s clothes: Kenzo Kids Jacket

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