School backpacks or travel backpack? We chose Re-Kånken

Sissi celebrated her 54th flight.  In all these trips, from a very small age, we used a backpack. Her own backpack, with which she used to create her own baggage, without interference from us.

Her backpack has always been personal. She can choose what to bring, freely: of course I suggest her always to put in her backpack a notebook and colors. But it doesn’t matter if she adds a puppet that she never uses or a newspaper clipping. She just chooses what to bring. And she will be responsible! The next time she will choose better, worse or just differently.
I have often the doubt: school or travel backpacks? Is it worth buying two different backpacks or buying a good and versatile model to use always, in any situation?

For the trip to London we discovered a new travel companion: Re-Kånken by Fjällräven

Fjällräven is a Swedish brand founded in 1960 by Åke Nordin. From the basement of Ake’s house in Örnsköldsvik, the company’s outdoor garments have become known and appreciated throughout the world, distributed in over thirty countries. The Fjällräven product range now includes garments and outdoor accessories for men and women, backpacks, tents and sleeping bags.
Fjällräven, like many Swedish brands, is very sensitive to sustainability and therefore acts responsibly towards people, animals and nature, encouraging and supporting the interest in outdoor activities.

Re-Kånken is the mini version of the famous backpack Kånken by Fjallraven: a real institution among travelers. A backpack that solved my doubt about school/travel backpacks!
Re-Kånken is practical and at the same time ergonomic: there are not a thousand compartments, but there are the right ones, those that really do. One inside pocket (perfect for tablet), two side pockets and one front zipper pocket.
The upper handle is iconic and at the same time very practical even for a child! The suspenders adjust easily… once you’ve figured out how to do it! I admit I had some doubts at first, but when I found the instructions… it’s simple and they adjust in a moment!

Re-Kånken: a bit of history

Kånken was born in 1978 as a backpack for the school, to help prevent the back problems that began to appear among Swedish students. The shape and size were determined by the need to be able to insert two A4 binders.
Since the beginning, sustainability has been an integral part of Kånken. Thanks to its straight lines, when cutting the fabric the waste is practically zero.
The shoulder straps are made from a single long piece of webbing fabric, integrated with the back handle. In 2008 Kånken became the first climate-compensated backpack.

Kånken, over the years, becomes immediately iconic and today there is no travel blogger, travel addicted or travel lover who does not possess one!

Available in many colors, comfortable and durable, it travels with many travelers every day all over the world.
Re-Kånken was born from Kånken, in mini version!
Launched in 2016, Re-Kånken is inspired by the older brother Kånken, from which the design resumes, but is proposed in a more green version: except for buckles, buttons and zippers, the new backpack is made with a single material, recycled polyester.
In fact, they use 11 PET bottles, verified from the collection centers, to make the side of a Re-Kånken backpack. In addition to recycled polyester, an additional environmental benefit derives from the dyeing process based on an innovative technique, which involves the addition of the dye at the stage where the polyester fibres are transformed into the side, allowing to save large amounts of water, chemical agents and energy.
“We started all over again, except for the classic design. The challenge was to achieve the lowest environmental impact, while responding to the need to have a durable and functional product ” – says Neal Fernandez, product developer at Fjällräven and creator of the project.
The green aspect of the Re-Kånken backpack not only affects its realization but also its future recycling that will be easier to manage since the outer fabric, the inner lining and the shoulder straps are made in the same yarn. In addition, like all Fjällräven products and equipment, even Re-kånken is impregnated and made waterproof without the use of PFC agents.
Re-Kånken is available at Fjällräven stores and retailers and online stores and at

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