Baghera car, a Bentley for girls!

Without arguing about toys for boys or girls, avoiding long and obvious considerations about so-called sexist toys, I report simply our experience: we always buy challenging and educational toys. Without the argument becomes obsessive, we nevertheless granted to Sissi also toys for girls. Because in the end SHE IS a girl!

Abolishing gender stereotypes, we simply follow her tastes: at home, without distinction, she plays with the kitchen and the ninja, with the princesses and the police cars. And she wants to be a policewoman.


The world of cars and ride-ons is leaded by plastic today. Sometimes they are made with wood…
Baghera is a trademark of the french company Le Petit Nouveau, which since 1999 creates and designs innovative and high quality toys and children’s products. The flagship of Baghera are cars, ride-on or pedal, made entirely of metal, with rubber wheels and an ultra-stable chassis, in compliance with all safety regulations.

The style is retro and definitely it is a game that will remain in the kidsroom also when they grow older, becoming a piece of furniture that will always remember the rides and carefree of their childhood. Also customizable with stickers, your girls will be able to choose their favorite cars among many models and colors.

Build a good car, a fast car, the best in class.

The latest arrival at Baghera is a Bentley. Historical English icon, Bentley was born in 1919 in Cricklewood, near London, and it is a major supplier of the English Royal Family.

1929 Bentley front 34 right

Baghera portrayed the elegance and style of the Bentley in their new ride-on, which the talented Emily Kornya immortalized in the streets of Poznan, Poland.





Photography: Emily Kornya

Styling: Anastazja Borowska Pink Wings Studio

Clothing: Mimisol (for oldest child), Marie-Chantal (younger children)

Models: Kay Georgia (Sugar Kids), Lena and Witek (Pink Wings Models)

Location: Poznań Poland

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