Lightweight bikes for children: it’s easy to learn!

Sissi had not had an easy relationship with the bikes. So far.

For her fourth birthday they gave her a beautiful bicycle, made in Italy, green as she requested, with training wheels. Unfortunately, having been born in winter, she did not do much practice and also the bicycle was a bit too heavy for her: it was uncomfortable to pedal, she had to make an excessive effort…

So two years passed, years in which she loved the scooter (more practical even to carry by car for me), skates, even the skateboard…  and so far, she had never had a big passion for bicycle.

Then Woom arrived and everything changed: with lightweight bikes for children it’s easy to learn!

I discovered Woom: a brand of ultra-light and durable bikes for children, from 1 to 14 years. It is not any bike, but a bike for children, in which every detail is thought to fit the child, consistently to make the discovery of their world not only a great experience for our little ones, but also a simple and safe experience.

What makes Woom the perfect bike for kids?

Woom is an Austrian brand, founded by two parents – Christian Bezdeka and Marcus Ihlenfeld – with a passion for bicycles, who wanted an excellent product for their children, that was safe, easy and that approached them in a gradual way to the passion for cycling. So they created a brand of the highest level, which includes 6 bicycles, each designed for a specific age (and capacity) of the child. Woom 1 is a so-called balance bike (bike without pedals) that allows children to live a playful experience with the bike but at the same time teaches children the balance. Woom 2 allows the transition from balance bike to real bike (with pedals) in a simple and natural way. From Woom 3 onwards, bikes accompany children in improving their skills, while the vertical seating position supports balance.

In addition to the many awards (Red Dot Award 2017, IF Design award 2018 for helmet, Bicycle Brand Contest 2017, German Design Award 2018, Design & Innovation Award 2018 for helmet, A’ Design award 2018), personal experience counts a lot and I can affirm that all these awards are really deserved.

What makes Woom the perfect bike for kids?

First of all weight: theyse bicycles are built for the anatomy and the needs of the children and weigh 40% less than conventional children’s bikes. The frames are made of high-quality AA-6061 aluminum and the components are in forged aluminum. This makes Woom one of the world’s lightest children’s bicycles with a weight of only 5.15 kg (for the Woom2 model).

They are ergonomic: Woom creates bicycles for children with an ergonomic design covering an age range from 1 year and a half to 14 years. Each of the 6 different models has different characteristics that follow precisely the development of the child: the design of the bicycle does not vary only according to the height of the child (fundamental to choose your model of bike), but also varies according to the shape of the child’s physique, becoming more and more similar to that of the adult. The saddle is also designed for each different model and age, just to ensure a comfortable seat, the first point of contact between the child and the bike.

They are very well equipped: Woom has studied the classic accessories of each bike and brought them a step forward. They are accessories not only of the highest quality and technology, they make the use of the bicycle really special, practical, comfortable.

They are beautiful: 5 colors to choose from and with which to coordinate accessories. 5 colors that have appeal on each child, who can choose the bike in his favorite color! Sissi chose her bike in red, but she wanted a more feminine helmet (to be used also with skates and skateboards!), in purple.

They are green: a green bike? Yes, because Woom provides a program of upcycling. When your child’s bike becomes too small, you can change it to a larger size by getting a 40% discount on the price list! Interesting, isn’t it?

How to choose the right size of the children’s Woom bicycle 

Measure the height of your kids! The secret is just that! There are no training wheels for any model: slowly they can learn without getting used to the training wheels, which hinder the sense of self-equilibrium. It only takes patience and determination: this is the first educational challenge of learning to ride a bicycle. They learn their limits, learn that they can also fall, that they have to strive, try and retry, accept that sometimes they do not know how to do something in a world that makes them always good, always perfect: a very important educational value, don’t you think?

Sissi, 6 years old and 120 cn height, chose the Woom 4: it is actually perfect for her age and physical conformation. The saddle is lowered completely (this means that she will use it at least in the next two years) and the distances with the pedals, from the ground, with the handlebars are perfect for her physique. The Woom4 differs from the lower bikes models for the gearbox (with 8 SRAM X4 gearboxes), which makes the bike very versatile, even for the use as a mountain bike. The 20″ Kenda Small Block tires offer good cushioning, a lot of grip and little resistance. It weighs only 7.6 kg and Sissi never complained about the weight (and neither did I when I carried the bike in my car!).

The bike comes home in a box, disassembled: the installation instructions are clear and simple, the tools are also supplied. I managed to mount it even without my husband’s help!

Woom bikes’ accessories: they make a difference!

We immediately loved the accessories for the Woom4 of Sissi: they are beautiful aesthetically, technological, functional.

Security first! The Woom helmet has been designed for the specific needs of children: the head protection is at 360 degrees, even in the back and side, on the temples. It adapts easily to child’s head and can be adjusted not only with the rear wheel, but also possibly by replacing internal padding with thicker one. The flexible visor – a unique safety feature – also serves as an additional frontal protection! Usually with the helmet you sweat a lot: for this reason the Woom helmet has 24 holes for ventilation and internal ventilation channels. The Fidlock ® magnetic closure can be closed with only one hand, even with gloves and without pinching, also it is easily adjusted under the chin. It is available in five colors (like bikes) and in three sizes (to choose just measure the circumference of your child’s head).

The bell: who does not like ring bikes’ bell? Small but intense: a compact, safe and easy-to-use bell with your thumb holding your hands on the handles. The bell is made of brass and its vibrating sound resonates up to 6 seconds and it can be heard even in the city traffic.

Gloves: fashion or useful accessory? Both! With gloves the handlebars are under control, thanks to the non-slip siliconed interior, and the hands are protected from falls: Woom cycling gloves absorb sweat, they are breathable and comfortable to wear. They are available in 3 sizes to fit perfectly to hands of children. Also the elastic cuffs wrap well the hand without the need for velcro closure, often annoying.

Lights: safe, reliable, simple and technological. In the dark or in the fog, the bicycle lights draw attention to our children in motion. Woom has designed the lights, that are certified by the German Road code StVZO and the Austrian regulations for bicycles, with silicone coating both on the headlight and on the rear lights. The mounting does not require tools and the batteries are rechargeable via USB, making everything very easy to use. The lights also have a battery status indicator display and are splash-proof.

Pedaling makes kids very thirsty! Woom has also thought about this eventuality: Woom water bottle contains 0.5 liters and it is suitable for all bikes (except Woom1). It is made in Europe in non-toxic material and can be cleaned in the dishwasher. It attaches to the frame with a cage to fix with screws.

You may have to move away from your bike: the chain with padlock has a combination with 4 digits, easy to use. It is 61 cm long and the abrasion resistant fabric cover protects the paint of the bicycle.

Fenders are used to cross the puddles very quickly! Woom fenders keep the children dry by wrapping the tires sideways and radially and keeping all the water away.

With the training set for Woom, you can quickly set a small path for your children, whether you’re practicing slalom or trail skills. The set makes driving skills fun but also learning. And when you’re tired of pedaling, you can use the cones as football doors! The set comprises 10 cones with a diameter of 19 cm with a support, the material is flexible and can be crossed with the bike without being damaged.

Woom bikes for children can be purchased online at in one of the authorized dealers.

Woom 1 is for children between 1.5-3.5 years (82-100 cm) has 12-inch wheels and weighs 3.2 kg. The list price is €179
Woom 2 is for children between 3-4.5 years (95-110 cm) has 14-inch wheels and weights 5.3 kg. The list price is €299
Woom 3 is for children between 4-6 years (105-120 cm) has 16-inch wheels and weighs 5.7 kg. The list price is €329
Woom 4 is for children between 6-8 years (115-130 cm) has 20-inch wheels and weighs 7.8 kg. The list price is €399
Woom 5 is for children between 7-11 years (125-145 cm) has 24-inch wheels and weighs 8.8 kg. The list price is €449
Woom 6 is for children between 10-14 years (140-165 cm), has 26-inch wheels and weighs 9.1 kg. The list price is €499

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