Bobo Choses SS2020: A dance romance

Dance is almost a primordial instinct, it is something innate in the human being, a form of ancestral expression.

The existence of dance goes back even to prehistory: in some European, African or Asian caves we find drawings representing primitive men dancing. One of the best-known examples is the one found in the cave of Trois Frères, France. Thanks to the meticulous work of archaeologists, tombs adorned with drawings of dancers in Egypt and even on the rocks of Bhimetka, India, over 30,000 years ago have been found!

What about kids? Kids love dancing!

Dancing is a fun activity for all children. At an early age, dance is a spontaneous exercise. And no matter if your child is the best dancer in the world or the creator of a crazy new rhythm, the most important thing is the skills that children acquire with this practice, which go far beyond mastery of dance.

In addition to being a great practice, dance also brings many benefits for children: in addition to helping the physical development of the body, as it defines the figure, it generates in children feelings of self-esteem, discipline, grace.

Bobo Choses SS2020: A dance romance

A Dance Romance is the new collection, at the launch today, by Bobo Choses for spring summer 2020: an extensive collection that includes 404 garments, including baby, boy and girl clothing, accessories, home, women’s and men’s clothing. As always the lines are easily wearable, comfortable, with vintage and retro shapes. Many prints, even with all-over motifs, while the color palette is invaded by blue, green, pink, yellow.

Funny (but very useful) shoes and socks with the indication LEFT and RIGHT, to never go wrong to wear them!

More and more green!

62% of the cotton used for Bobo Choses’ SS2020 collection is organic and 91% of the fabrics are cellulosic (natural). The fabrics include rib cotton, muslin, fleece, denim and cotton linen. 93% of production is local (74% Spain, 19% Portugal).


Photo of Raquel Chicheri’s campaign. Style Adriana Esperalba and Mafer Navas. Hair and make up by Marta Saez. The dancers are Adrian, Andrea,Bi
nta, Elijah, Emma, Joana, Leire, Martin, Momo and Victor.

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