Bobo Choses We Cosmos: autumn/winter 2019/20 collection

One of Bobo Choses’ most successful and greenest collections of all time is finally at launch today. Bobo Choses AW19/20 collection is called “We Cosmos” and we have loved its colors since Playtime Paris, when the team of the Spanish brand printed for us tote bags in red, green and blue.

Add a few touches of yellow, sage green and mustard, and Bobo Choses We Cosmos’ color palette is complete (and gorgeous)! The brand expands sustainability by making the collection almost complete organic and celebrates this new autumn winter 2019/20 collection with a campaign that follows the spirit and style of Moonrise Kingdom by Wes Anderson.

Dedicated to all those kids who know we are all made of stars: Bobo Choses We Cosmos

To all you adults who love rising walls, building barriers and drawing frontiers: our houses might be small, but the Universe is our home. The sky is a flag we can all relate to. Can you see those stars over there? That’s you and me. We? Cosmos! Let’s twinkle!

(Bobo Choses AW19/20 campaign)

Bobo Choses Fall/Winter 2019/20 collection remembers the story of Benny Benson, the 13-year-old boy from Chignik who participated in a competition to design the flag of the Alaskan Territory in 1927. Benny was inspired by heaven, choosing the constellation that was most familiar to him, the one he sought every night before going to sleep at the orphanage. Benny’s design was chosen from more than 700 other designs to represent the future of Alaskan territory.

As Benny did, today with Bobo Choses We Cosmos we also raise our eyes to the sky to discover that there is a flag that connects all of us, the Universe.

Approximately 300 pieces in the collection that as always are easy to match and mix with each other. Materials include wool, viscose, organic cotton, with weights and styles suitable to cross the whole new season, from the warm autumn to the harshest of winters. Comfortable shapes and carefully selected colors accompany fun prints: Alaskan landscapes, Saturnian planets and rings, stellar volcanoes and friendly constellations.

Also interesting are accessories that include super cool hats and sheepskin sandals, cosmos boots, school backpacks and more.

Bobo Choses works with OEKOTEX certified suppliers in product dyeing processes to ensure that no harmful substance is present in clothing. In addition, 80% of the products in the AW19/20 collection are made in Spain and 10% in Portugal, 49.5% of the cotton used is organic GOTS certified, 70% of the cotton used in the Baby collection is also GOTS certified, 100% of the bags used are biodegradable and, to conclude, all products that require water-repellent treatments are finished with ecological finishes. 

You can find the collection on and in the best children’s clothing shops.

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