BOOKS FOR MUMS: reading while pregnant

Before I get pregnant what do I use to read ? The great classics of Italian and foreign literature, Sepulveda, Isabel Allende, Paulo Coelho, Garcia Marquez, travel books… these kind of books for pleasure, then for work many others…

Then from that pregnancy test , everything has changed and I began to read books on pregnancy before and  then on newborns… Many of them have been given to me as present, many recommended but few, very few,  have been helpful .

Your Pregnancy Week by Week

This book is very “scientific” and explains in detail the various stages of pregnancy week by week . However, using a simple language that makes accessible all the medical terminology. Based on research and information, the book illustrates the development of the baby in the womb week by week; it guides you through the physical and emotional changes which meets every mother and describes the type of medical care provided in each stage , offering explanations , tips and reassurance about this strange and wonderful period of life. Lesley Regan works with a philosophy in mind: if a woman is properly informed about her pregnancy she will be able to make informed choices. Every week is described in-depth and accuratly from the point of view of the fetus and the mother, the pictures are very beautiful, they are always as you can see in 3D ultrasound. There are some special inserts on important issues such as amniocentesis, ultrasound about morphology, various possible diseases .

Secrets Of The Baby Whisperer: How To Calm, Connect, And Communicate With Your Baby

To the many questions that arise every day, new answers in this book by Tracy Hogg . The author teaches how to interpret the language of babies distinguishing the different types of crying and reading body movements . Through concrete examples and true stories, she helps new parents to guess the desires of their child and to reach into his mysterious world . Thus establishing an intense relationship , turning every small event into an opportunity to know each other better : the first few days at home, breastfeeding or formula , pacifier, baby bath , massage , sleep. The English pediatric nurse reveals all the secrets of his method called EASY, that stands for Eat, Activity , Sleep, You. That is: eat , play , sleep, and then … there is also the time for you!

Needless to say, even before the birth of Sissi we had prepared a nice excel sheet with the scheme of the Easy method to write down everything … and it worked. I had many problems with breastfeeding , but Sissi has always slept and ate well . It helped us to understand its rhythms and taught us respect for the mini-person who entered “officially” in our lives. I RECOMMEND IT TO EVERYBODY.

And then, a few days ago, I picked up this book, whose usefulness and effectiveness I am convinced: The 3-Day Nanny: Simple 3-Day Solutions for Sleeping, Eating, Potty Training and Behaviour Challenges. I picked it because it was a period in which Sissi wanted to force me to stay with her during her everyday nap (and I had to/ wanted to work in those precious quiet hours…), I peeled and thoroughly read at times .

The book is divided into six chapters:

– The basis for effective education

– The three-day programs

– Between six and eighteen months

– From eighteen months to three years

– From three to six years

– Leave the diaper</p>

It all worked out with Sissi and I have not had time to read it thoroughly, but … in a bit we’ll have to leave the diaper, so I KNOW that I will read it!

What do you think? Do you read them? Do you have other (short) books to recommend me?

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