Carseat’s cover: fashion from Spain with Fundas Bcn

Our car seat has been with us for 4 years: recently legislation changed in Italy but the quality and safety of our car seat is still ok, so we definitely amortized its cost and the years that passed by we confirmed that our choice was the right one.

When spring is approaching, we always pull out a cover for tour car seat: we need to make it more cool and breathable, we almost want to change the colours and make them more suitable to good season.

This year we decided to change the usual cover and make it fashionable and modern thanks to Fun*das bcn. The name of the Spanish brand plays with two words: fun and fundas (cover in Spanish) and bcn is obviously for Barcelona!

Just like clothing, Fun*das bcn renews with each season colors and prints and in 2017 introduced a series of prints that are inspired by nature, which invite us to come out and walk with our little ones and that transmit that feeling of renewal and lightness and freshness that we all experience with the approach of spring. The material remains the same, always winner: high quality cotton, soft and elastic.

The models for car seats match perfectly to the major leading brands such as Cybex, Joie, Klippan or Romer. For the little ones, a series of covers for strollers (Bugaboo, BABYZEN or Uppa baby, among many brands) and many matching accessories, such as changing bags, lunch bags, even the suitcase for the hospital: more fashionable than that!

For those who love organic cotton, there is the MILK line, soft and elegant with the print of milk bottles in gray on a cream background.

Among the new prints LITTLE SUN PEACH, a starry apricot, and BABY BAT, for really cool babies with the print of bats. And even for those who love the sea, here is the DENIM SHARK.

Always inspired by the animal world, as well as in kids fashion, many small bunny ears rest on covers and armchairs.

We chose a stripes cover, which is very good for the age of Sissi and matches the color of her car seat Cybex Pallas Fix II: taking inspiration from the new campaign of Fun*das bcn, Sissi and her father chose the cover print for our car seat together! Because basically also dads want a nice seat and, above all, clean!

Finally a little gift for you… adding SISSI&FUN code you will get a discount of 15% on your order!

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