How to choose a loft bed for children: tips and ideas

When you decorate children’s room, the choice of a loft bed for children makes everyone happy: as parents we manage to optimize the space, while the children live that emotion and euphoria that only a house on the tree can give!

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Kids Design: kids bedroom ideas for spring

You can’t change the furniture of children’s room every season: we would like to, but often the issues of space (and sometimes a few money), as well as a kind of education to sobriety and conscious buying, prevent us. In this case kids design comes to help the desire for renewal typical of spring: with a few new and special accessories you will be able to give a new look to kidsroom. Continue reading Kids Design: kids bedroom ideas for spring

Maison&Objet Paris – January 2018

“In our digital times, a whole world of lifestyles is just a click away. Social networks do the spadework, clearing the ground leaving only objects of desire as the well-honed online consumer becomes the artistic director and designer of his/her interior.
Homemakers indulge in a form of decorative exhibitionism and with transparency in every shape, size and form showcase their significant objects in display cases or on shelves. Walls show off these new collectors’ juxtaposed accumulation of pictures, or their modern-day take on decorative plates; still lifes are arranged as if posing to have their photo taken, ready to be posted on Instagram; and light transforms volumes in a dramatic and theatrical approach to interiors that brings a touch of magic back into everyday life. Click to say you “like” it and make sure to share.”. “

So tells Marie-Jo Malat, editor in chief of the Cahier Inspirations N°32 at Maison&Objet. January 2018 edition of the Parisian fair that invests the world of home at 360 degrees. Design, furniture, fabrics, accessories, perfumes, tableware, furnishing accessories will be organized in three sections: Maison, Objet and Influences, while the agency NellyRodi develop the concept “SHOW-ROOM” in the Inspirations Space and the Bookshop-Café. Continue reading Maison&Objet Paris – January 2018

Frame wall decor: tips and ideas

Furnishing the walls with the frames and photos is not only an essential element of interior design: furnishing with paintings, posters or photos is often a way to finish the decoration of the walls, to illuminate a dark corner, to give character to a furniture in the entrance or to send a message of love in the nursery of the newborn or on the headboard of your double bed.

Although decorating walls with the frames seems simple, if you want a nice composition different from classic and regular alignments (three pictures of the same size in a row, for example), you must take into account some rules. Continue reading Frame wall decor: tips and ideas

Ciff Kids SS18: new brands to discover together- lifestyle &interior

Nordic design. Maybe just these two words explain an entire universe made of lines, shapes, minimalism and functionality.

When it comes to kids: children’s bedrooms, accessories, decorations, games. Historically influenced by Bauhaus, German art/architectural current that every true lover of art has his heart, Nordic design knows how to combine these features. Continue reading Ciff Kids SS18: new brands to discover together- lifestyle &interior

Many news for the upcoming 21st edition of Playtime Paris

Like every year, the winter edition of Playtime Paris is for us an important moment, full of incentives for the new year, of encounters with new people and re-encounters with friends and designers. From January 28 to 30, Playtime Paris will bring together more than 500 brands coming to present their collections for fall-winter 2017/18.

Playtime unveils lots of news this year: the recent launch of the new visual identity with a new logo, a new website and… a new city! Next summer Playtime will add to the now traditional Paris, New York and Tokyo, a fourth goal: Berlin (July 5/6th 2017, in the heart of the Fashion Week, at Palazzo Italia). Continue reading Many news for the upcoming 21st edition of Playtime Paris

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