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Lightweight bikes for children: it’s easy to learn!

Sissi had not had an easy relationship with the bikes. So far.

For her fourth birthday they gave her a beautiful bicycle, made in Italy, green as she requested, with training wheels. Unfortunately, having been born in winter, she did not do much practice and also the bicycle was a bit too heavy for her: it was uncomfortable to pedal, she had to make an excessive effort…Read More

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Aquariums, sea and kids: where to see dolphins in Italy

To the Dolphin alone, beyond all other, nature has granted what the best philosophers seek: friendship for no advantage

Every child loves sea and everything related to it: sand, fishes, shells. Aquatic life has a particular fascination on our little ones (and also on adults, don’t you think?). Thinking that in the deep blue of the oceans, in the most remote abyss life exists, and that’s a life rich in species, makes us almost feel safe. Knowing that seas, oceans, abysses are full of life reassure us: it’s like when we look at the immensity of the firmament and we wonder if in the distant galaxies there is life… It’s that answer that heaven doesn’t give us.Read More

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Coco: the Disney Pixar movie conquered our whole family

We like to talk to you about movies but not always I write here on the blog our opinions or impressions about movies for kids that we see at cinema with Sissi: mostly we bring you with us when we see the movies (of course without spoilers)!

First it was Periscope, then Snapchat, now are the Instagram stories (I created a highlight topic on Ig Stories). We told you about Oceania here on the blog, do you remember? We loved it! Cinema has always been my passion, I remember when, teenager, I was subscribed to Ciak (italian movie magazine) and I have been for years, before the advent of the era of web and social media.

If you are a mom and still you have not brought your kids to the cinema to see Coco, then – without spoiler – I tell you why I think you should go and the effect that Coco has had on Sissi and on us as a family.Read More

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Rubens Barn: when a rag doll can be beautiful and green

When do you become too big for a rag doll? In my opinion, never! For Christmas Sissi received a new friend and finally I feel really safe not only during the moment of the game, but especially at the time of sleep.

Having suffered from allergies and laryngospasm, we have never been inclined to let her sleep with the classic plush toys… She is now resigned and sleeps only with her Doudou. She has a lot of plush toys but she knows that her favourite ones have to stay on the bed remaining at the bottom, near her feet.

Read More

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Ready for Christmas: Christmas wishlist for kids at Selfridges

This Christmas, everyone is invited to join a joyous procession of merrymakers as Selfridges celebrates the magic of the British cities that the store calls home.

Exclusive and themed products that are an open love letter to the spirit of these cities will showcase a unique, fun and compelling interpretation of all things British. “With Love From…”Selfridges’ 2017 Christmas theme – also expresses, in its simplest form, the most profound reason to gift: love.

As part of these exciting products, Selfridges will provide an astounding selection of seasonal clothing and top toys for little ones.Read More

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Rundisney 2017 in Disneyland Paris. Dreams (sometimes) come true

Don’t Fear Failure. Be Afraid of Not Having the Chance.

With a quote from Cars3 I want to tell you about our magical weekend, not only as a family but also for Sissi as child.
And as I write this – believe me – I have tears in my eyes for joy and excitement at the thought that this event will remain in Sissi’s memory as one of the most beautiful in her childhood.
That childhood so important to be protected, a golden age in a child’s life when everything concerning education (broadly speaking) is very important.
Rundisney was not only a beautiful event in perfect Disney style, it was also an opportunity to teach something important to my daughter.
For a 5-and-a-half-years old little girl talking about race means of course I want to win.
Nobody likes to loose and of course the acceptance of defeat is difficult even for adults!Read More

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Tivoli Gardens: Copenhagen for families

Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen can really be enjoyed by the whole family: more than just a park, it can be the perfect place for adults, to have a walk, dine or attend a music or theater live show. And it is definitely a place that will bring out the kid that lives in you!

Nowhere in the world a single park combines magic, nostalgia and a bit of romance like Tivoli Gardens, especially when it’s getting evening and the lights come on.

Read More

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Legoland Deutschland 2017: a wonderful experience for your kids

LEGOLAND always amazes you.
Our second Legoland (after Legoland Billund last year) was intense and full of emotions for Sissi, accustomed to visit amusement parks. Legoland was also revealing to me, also about the tips I want to give you when responding to numerous messages that you sent me before, after and during the visit.Read More