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Sissi was born at the end of February so at the beginning she slept in the cradle and when she began to use her bed it was already May and she used only  a sheet (that we always found at the bottom of the bed!). Then with the summer… freedom! Conclusion: in September/October, last year, when it was time to use set of sheets with cover, it was impossible! We spent a week getting up at night to check and find her out of the blankets and then to deal with the first colds…

I was a little disappointed because at the end of pregnancy I bought a lot of cute sets of linen/duvet cover /bumper (mainly of this excellent Spanish brand Interbaby and one of Blumarine Baby for which I also spent a fortune…). At the end we decided to buy a sleeping bag …  Continue reading GROBAG: BABY SLEEP BAGS REVIEW