Mountain clothing: Polartec x Marmot:

Polartec celebrates its 40th anniversary: a story full of revolutionary innovations that defined the identity of entire product lines. It is therefore the right time to enhance the special partnes that have accompanied the brand along this path.

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UNIQLO / INES DE LA FRESSANGE 2021 Autumn Winter Collection

The Fall/Winter 2021 collection by UNIQLO / INES DE LA FRESSANGE presents a LifeWear that reflects Ines’ desire to bring the “simple French style” all over the world. The items will be available from August 26th at the UNIQLO store and the website

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Uniqlo x Marimekko spring summer 2021

Uniqlo at the launch today with the new Limited Edition Capsule Collection Uniqlo x Marimekko: Joyful Summer is the theme of the latest collaboration with the Finnish fashion house Marimekko. A direct inspiration based on the typical Northern traditions of the summer season, with the invigorating warmth of the sun at that time of year.

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22 everyday bags for summer 2021: raffia, shopping or luxury

Raffia bags or iconic shopping bags coexist with sophisticated leather versions of the most famous models: even for spring summer 2021, bags are the most useful accessory a woman can have.

This season presents us a wide range of trends in bags: some are classic while others are more innovative, some are simple while others are incredibly weird.

Some trends, as in the case of raffia and more natural materials, derive from the seasons of previous years, which also include round bags, whether small or maxi.

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New Uniqlo x JW Anderson collection

Global apparel retailer UNIQLO announces the launch of the collection in collaboration with UNIQLO and JW ANDERSON Fall/Winter 2020 starting Thursday, October 15. The latter combines the innovative design that JW ANDERSON brings to traditional British clothing with UNIQLO Lifewear, a commitment to fit, materials and functionality.

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Upcycling tips for renewing your wardrobe

Our closets are always so full of clothes: good solution is to bring our clothes back by reviving and reinvent them. Even without “having the fabric”, with small and simple cutting and sewing techniques, from the basic points to small repairs, you can make dresses and accessories or give new life to old clothes with upcycling projects.

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Upcycling or recycling? Do you know the difference? Upcycling differs from recycling because it does not require energy to clean and transform residues into new materials. When recycling materials or products are processed to transform into new objects, while with the upcycling materials (waste) are in some way ennobled creating new objects with a greater added value.

Tommy Hilfiger has announced a sustainable capsule collection for the SS 2018 for both men and women designed precisely using the upcycling. Continue reading TOMMY HILFIGER: SS18 UPCYCLING CAPSULE COLLECTION

It’s Fashion Revolution Week!

April 2018 will be the 5th year anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse and 5 years since Fashion Revolution was born. During that time, millions of people have joined Fashion Revolution to demand a fairer, more transparent industry. To ensure brands continue to listen and create the far reaching, permanent change needed to ensure we never see a tragedy like Rana Plaza again.  Continue reading It’s Fashion Revolution Week!

UNIQLO x Marimekko

We love slow fashion and quality garments: this is not new. It does not mean being a snob, it does not mean that we like only expensive or griffe clothes regardless of any other feature. When we choose the items to be purchased we evaluate many aspects, first of all quality, then materials, the places of production, green and sustainability aspects. Moreover we are always looking for unique designs. Continue reading UNIQLO x Marimekko

Altaroma July 2017: I’m Isola Marras

In collaboration with the premium contemporary department store Coin Excelsior, Altaroma presents the
creative work of Efisio Rocco Marras, expression of a new strong identity.
The son of Antonio Marras who took over as Creative Director of the line in 2017, has debuted his new vision
of the brand during the Milan Men Fashion Week with his first Spring Summer 2018 menswear and
womenswear collection.An important generation shift: “I’m very happy with my son’s choice”, says his father, Antonio Marras, “we
have very different visions of the world, and I respect the view of a new generation”.
Launched in 2007 as a more accessible and decoded alternative to the eponymous mainline of its founder
Antonio Marras, with the vision of the new Creative Director I’M Isola Marras becomes the contemporary
line in the Marras family. It represents a major new step forward for the brand that re-conceptualises the idea
of the island – the ‘Isola’ – in the brand’s central philosophy, synonymous with the sumptuous aesthetic of
Italy’s Mediterranean islands.

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Roma Web Fest 2014: Fashion Film

Today I want to tell you about my experience at the Roma Web Fest, the day dedicated to the Fashion Film.

In its second edition, the official festival dedicated to Italian web products, thanks to its artistic director Janet De Nardis, this year has had the frame of the MAXXI, National Museum of XXI Century Arts. Continue reading Roma Web Fest 2014: Fashion Film


Tonight in Rome we will see the long awaited fashion show of the fall/winter 2014-15 collection by Veronica Toscano (we already talked about here). The young designer looks to the stage of AltaRoma with a sophisticated and innovative collection. Continue reading VERONICA TOSCANO – REVOLUTION PURE

Pantone color of the year 2014

This morning we all found the verdict of Pantone: the color of the year 2014 will be the “Radiant Orchid”.

In the official website of Pantone we read: “Radiant Orchid blooms with confidence and magical warmth that intrigues the eye and sparks the imagination. It is an expressive, creative and embracing purple—one that draws you in with its beguiling charm. A captivating harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones, Radiant Orchid emanates great joy, love and health”

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