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Bobo Choses SS2020: A dance romance

Dance is almost a primordial instinct, it is something innate in the human being, a form of ancestral expression.

The existence of dance goes back even to prehistory: in some European, African or Asian caves we find drawings representing primitive men dancing. One of the best-known examples is the one found in the cave of Trois Frères, France. Thanks to the meticulous work of archaeologists, tombs adorned with drawings of dancers in Egypt and even on the rocks of Bhimetka, India, over 30,000 years ago have been found!

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Back to school 2019: are you ready?

There is very little left to return to school: have you prepared everything already or are you waiting for the last moment? Alongside the always pleasant choice of notebooks, pencils, sharpeps, labels, backpacks, comes all the excitement of the return, strong and important emotion even for those who do not have to start the new adventure of the first elementary.

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Organic clothes for children: Who said you have to spend too much?!

Buying organic clothes for children is generally a prerogative of eco-conscious parents. But not only that, there are many reasons why you should choose organic garments: from children’s allergies problems (as in our case, do you remember the problems we had with atopic dermatitis?!) to environmental beliefs, from social reasons (often companies that produce organic clothing are also Fair Trade) to attitudes of style and no gender…

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Scandinavian Clothing for children: our “Italian hygge” with Molo

I like to learn from traditions of other Countries, I like absorbing cultures and recognizing – in a more or less objective way – where others do better than us. Traveling so much, we observe so much, we learn and try to improve ourselves.

This mood, which permeates this blog/magazine (and has always been part of me and my life, basically), makes a tour at 360 degrees in our lifestyle as a family and embraces many themes, first of all kids fashion. We try to choose well, both as a style and as ethics, we try to learn from our beloved Scandinavian brands.

After many years, I can almost say that Scandinavian clothing for children has almost no secrets for us: anyway we continue to search, to discover, to travel, to shoot. We know where to look, maybe the point is just that: our research in the field of Scandinavian clothing for children never stops because it evolves with Sissi, following the seasonal trends and the requests of those who read us.Read More