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Visiting Santorini with children

The story of Santorini tells about sea and fire, about submerged cities and vanished civilizations, about sunsets and volcanoes. If you plan to visit Greek islands, you will surely have browsed a guide and come across a view of Santorini, with the blue domes, which act as a union between the sky and the sea passing through the white of the houses.

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Sleep in an igloo in Finnish Lapland: once in your life emotion

I’m gonna be all the way out there, all the way fucking out there. Just on my own. You know, no fucking watch, no map, no ax, no nothing. No nothing. Just be out there. Just be out there in it. You know, big mountains, rivers, sky, game. Just be out there in it, you know? In the wild. (Into the wild, 2007)

Sleeping in an igloo. A dream just for kids?

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Visit Northern Finland: Oulu, the coast and the Gulf of Bothnia

Northern Finland has variegated traits: the atmosphere is rather rural and becomes almost remote towards the border with Russia, overlooking the Gulf of Bothnia you begin to breathe a more cosmopolitan and maritime air.

That’s how after Karelia, Kajaani, Rovaniemi and Lapland, we discovered another face of Finland, visiting Oulu, Finland’s fourth largest city, boasting a Swedish past and that is now a favorite destination for thousands of tourists and national and international business travellers.Read More

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Scandinavian design in Helsinki: Design district, shopping destinations and a culinary stop

If you think Scandinavia is the home of design, you’re not mistaken. But if you think Finland has a marginal role, well, this time you’re wrong!

Finland not only gave birth to Alvar Aalto but it is also the real home of design: it is not only Artek, the Finnish design company founded in 1935 by Alvar and Aino Aalto, it’s Iittala, Marimekko, Arabia, Aarikka, Jopo… Design comes in daily and you will easily find Iittala glasses in bars and restaurants, as well as napkins and paper glasses of Marimekko offered in Finnair flights. In the end, the sense of design is just that, in everyday life! Read More


Holidays in Salento with children: paradise has a name and is called Vivosa Apulia Resort

We live near the sea, on Italian Adriatic coast, we lived abroad in many cities on the sea, we traveled so much… and after the long weekend spent at Vivosa Apulia Resort my question was: why didn’t we travel here before?!

Salento stole our heart, and the merit is not only a locality that represents an Italian tourist excellence: the merit is mainly of that paradise that Vivosa Apulia Resort represents and which is sublimated by location in Salento.Read More


What to see in Turku in 24 hours: Museums, restaurants, hotels and relaxation…

If they call it the Paris of Finland there is a reason!

Turku, Finnish capital during Swedish domination, has Paris’s sparkling atmosphere, certainly less composed than other Finnish cities. It is young, thanks to the many students attending the university, dynamic, crossed by the river Aurajoki that, just like the Seine, marks the rhythm of bars, restaurants, cruises and nightlife.

Turku has left a special place in our heart, perhaps a little nostalgia because it was the last stage of BlogTour dedicated to Finland, perhaps because we could not devote to this beautiful city the time we wanted. And that surely it would have deserved.Read More