Scandinavian Countries are full of “good taste”: all the Michelin starred restaurants according to the MICHELIN guide Nordic Countries 2017

MICHELIN guide Nordic Countries 2017, which lists a total of 274 restaurants located in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and, for the first time, Iceland and the Faroe Islands is for sure a great landmark for gourmet-lovers and good-food-addicted.

We are particularly pleased to develop our selection into the outer regions of the Nordic Countries and to continue our expansion with the inclusion of Iceland and the Faroe Islands” commented Michael Ellis, International Director of the MICHELIN guides. “Our inspectors were pleased to discover the quality of Reykjavik’s culinary scene and to award Dill the very first Star for Island. They were also impressed with the chef’s use of indigenous ingredients and traditional techniques like smoking and salting at KOKS in the newly listed Faroe Islands, which also reveives a MICHELIN StarRead More


Foteviken: a living Viking town

This is not the first time that we deal with Vikings!

A few years ago, Sissi was not yet born, we visited the island of Birka near Stockholm, and we were very impressed, so much that we wanted to repeat the Viking experience even on this blogtour around South Sweden. Sissi loves stories of knights, pirates… and even Vikings (she is a big fan of the TV series Vicky the Viking)!

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Ystad Saltsjöbad: Paradise is located on the southern coast of Sweden

Does the song of the sea end at the shore or in the hearts of those who listen to it?
(Khalil Gibran)

I don’t like neither extreme heat neither crowded beaches, I dislike thousands of beach umbrellas placed so near that you can breathe the smell of your neighbour, I suffer the heat, sweat, my blood pressure drops down and I have to take medicine to stay healthy… But anyway I love sea, sandy beaches, relaxing in the sun, in addition to the benefit of the sun on our organism and for the growth of children. For this reason I visit Italian beaches mainly off season and fortunately, living quite near the sea, we can enjoy them all year.
As an alternative to the sea in Italy, surely the Nordic Countries offer stunning beaches and seaside resorts that often Italians don’t know, but that are really worth to share and to stand out.
Let’s dispell the myth that for us Italians it’s too cold by the sea in the Nordic Countries: just choose the right time of year and the right time of the day. In addition to choosing the right locations.

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