CIFF Kids grows up and gets renewed becoming CIFF YOUTH

Starting from the January 2019 edition, at the start today, CIFF Kids grows up and becomes CIFF YOUTH. The new name reflects the desire of the Copenhagen fairtrade to engage with the youth culture in a more meaningful way and the decision to expand CIFF Kids towards new exciting directions.

The change has just begun…

Over the next few months, CIFF YOUTH will take on a broader and more inclusive vision. In addition to new designers and brands, the CIFF YOUTH platform will include new offerings in lifestyle, sports and art, as well as manicured spaces and a master class and talk program to inspire and drive in the world dedicated to youth, where we have always noticed a gap in various international fairs dedicated to childrenswear. By August 2019, the new vision will be complete, lining up CIFF YOUTH with CIFF and Code Art Fair.

Already starting from this edition of January 2019, CIFF YOUTH will be held at the side of CIFF, in a new independent location within the Bella Center. Alongside CIFF and Code Art Fair, CIFF YOUTH will be an integral part of Bella Quarter, an avant-garde, culture-driven urban development project that leads to new interactions and new and exciting collaborations.

CIFF YOUTH: Where and when

30th January-1st February
Bella Center Copenhagen
Boulevard 5
2300 Copenhagen S

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