Ciff Kids SS18: new brands to discover together- lifestyle &interior

Nordic design. Maybe just these two words explain an entire universe made of lines, shapes, minimalism and functionality.

When it comes to kids: children’s bedrooms, accessories, decorations, games. Historically influenced by Bauhaus, German art/architectural current that every true lover of art has his heart, Nordic design knows how to combine these features.

That’s why at Ciff Kids the part dedicated to lifestyle and interior is really interesting: we are in the true homeland of Nordic design, the home of Arne Jacobsen, to quote one of the greatest designers of all time, man of the Renaissance of Danish and Scandinavian design and architecture.

Besides some very well known iconic and representative brands in kids design (just to mention Ferm Living and Sebra), at Ciff Kids there are many new brands to discover.

Here are my coup de coeur among first timers: Gamcha, Lilgaea, Meri Meri, Olli Ella, Teddysit.

[FinalTilesGallery id=’4′]

And who knows how many others I will discover in Copenhagen!

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