Grace Baby and Child: the charm of once, nostalgia for the past

Sometimes Sissi just want to wear a dress. One of those classic girl dresses, always beautiful and never out of style, that remind us of our grandmothers, those garments made with love and dedication. Those garments that teach you what care really means, which let you imagine skilled hands sewing a garment with love and wisdom.

These are not improvised seamstresses, as we find many online nowadays: in social medias you can find many handmadegarments. That I don’t love. In general I do not love handmade not because it is – precisely – made by hand, but because often it is difficult to understand the origin of materials (Where does that cotton come from? Maybe from a warehouse in China? Or directly from AliExpress?) and because it is often not a question of tailoring studies and awareness, but often is all about someone who copied models of others and trends of the moment.

This is so far from high quality hand-embroidered garments, from real enterprises and brands that come from generations and generations engaged in textiles, a real company that gives work to many people, local artisans with a fair wage.

Grace Baby and Child: the charm of once, nostalgia for the past

This is how I discovered Grace Baby and Child, a Portuguese brand founded in 2013 by the communication and entrepreneur expert Ana Peixoto Almeida, with a long family tradition in the textile sector. As always motherhood becomes the engine of inspiration for us women: Ana creates a collection that combines both vintage charm and contemporary and cosmopolitan style. Grace Baby and Child is modern without being extravagant, with the utmost attention to detail and quality of materials.

In a fast fashion time, once again slow kids fashion fascinates and conquers us

All garments are designed in Portugal, where the brand is based, and manufactured in small quantities by carefully selected local artisans located at no more than 70 kilometers far from the company. In the summer collections materials are high quality cotton, jersey and linen. In winter collections you find flannel, corduroy and cocooning knitting – all in a romantic and simple style that makes the garments from Grace Baby and Child adorable and really timeless.

The baby collection is the most classic of all the lines of Grace baby and Child, where the soft and selected materials combine with details such as embroidery, lace and satin ribbons, while the color palette has the classic white, pink and blue, and also trendy colored tones like clowdy blue, yellow chick, pink orchid and the green mint!

The children’s collection is from 2 to 10 years: blouses, shorts, knitwear, dresses are matched with monochromatic tones or beautiful Liberty style prints. A real coup de coeur is the dress that we chose for Sissi and that accompanied us in our holidays in Paris: from Louvre to  Bateau Mouches, combined with the golden sandals of the Mel line of Mini Melissa and the Cardigan from Mar Mar Copenhagen.

All this is enough to feel princess among princesses.

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