Mountain clothing: Polartec x Marmot:

Polartec celebrates its 40th anniversary: a story full of revolutionary innovations that defined the identity of entire product lines. It is therefore the right time to enhance the special partnes that have accompanied the brand along this path.

Polartec x Marmot: since 1986 together to simplify your mountain clothing

In 1981, Polartec (at the time Malden Mills) gained the attention of the whole world by introducing the technical fleece. Marmot, one of the first brands dedicated to outdoor life, began working with Polartec in 1986, starting one of Polartec’s longest-running collaborations.
In over 30 years together, the two brands have created some of the most innovative technical products on the market. One of them is the Marmot Alpha 60 Jacket, to date perhaps the most famous product of the brand.
Initially created for U.S. Special Forces, Polartec Alpha’s active insulation is one of Polartec’s most versatile technologies, offering comfort and enabling designs that protect in a wide range of temperatures, activity levels and conditions. The patented design uses insulating fibers connected to a solid mesh structure, which allows the fabric to breathe while the wearer is on the move and to insulate when it is not.
Polartec Alpha dries quickly, is highly breathable and perfectly insulating; it thus attracted the attention of Marmot, who asked Polartec to develop the fabric to ensure that it reaches only 60 grams, and then combine it with a windproof and waterproof outer coating. With quality, innovation and durability always at its core, Polartec has not shied away from this challenge. The result is a lighter jacket than most first layer jerseys, which offers improved compressibility and is very versatile, reducing the traditional layered clothing system from a kit of 3/4 garments to one of 2/3 garments at most.

Whether it is to increase the recycled content or to improve versatility (both characteristics well present in the Marmot Alpha 60 jacket, insulating and that meets different needs, made for the most part 100% from plastic P.And.T.), Polartec and Marmot have a long history of products that are perfect at solving customer problems, and are intent on continuing their mission for many years to come.

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