Organic clothes for children: Who said you have to spend too much?!

Buying organic clothes for children is generally a prerogative of eco-conscious parents. But not only that, there are many reasons why you should choose organic garments: from children’s allergies problems (as in our case, do you remember the problems we had with atopic dermatitis?!) to environmental beliefs, from social reasons (often companies that produce organic clothing are also Fair Trade) to attitudes of style and no gender…

We have always preferred organic clothes for children: Sissi grew up wearing mainly Scandinavian brands and now that she has grown bigger we can mix organic garments with not organic (for question of taste, size, fit and style), preferring always natural fibres and good craftsmanship.

One of the tasks of an online magazine in children fashion is also -and above all- sharing news and discoveries with readers: fairs, online searches, contacts… and so today finally I can answer so many people who write to us saying “yes, but I have three children and dressing all of them with organic clothing gets pretty expensive!”

I finally discovered a brand of organic children’s clothing with great value for money!!!

Organic clothing for children at a good price: Lemon Beret

Lemon Beret arrives from Belgium and has a long-standing experience in the clothing industry: it was born as a family business in 1928 from Antwerp, but today it is present in more than 30 countries! Lemon Beret has a casual style, suitable for daily life made of school and game, and dresses babies, children and teens (from 6 months to 16 years).

An important feature? Lemon Beret combines quality with prices, always accessible.

Children are curious, love colors and seek joy in every moment of everyday life: Lemon Beret responds with trendy garments, cheerful in prints and comfortable in the fit, designed to survive the games of children without ever compromising quality or comfort.

Lemon Beret marries our philosophy Letkidsbekids striving to surprise children with the funny mood of the prints and helping them to express themselves with their own personality.

Lemon Beret: sustainability at 360 degrees that makes us thinking about the future of our children

According to the definition proposed in “Our Common Future” report published in 1987 by the World Commission for the Environment and Development (Bruntland Commission) of the United Nations Environment Programme, sustainable development should be able to ensure ‘the fulfilment of the needs of the present generation without compromising the possibility of future generations to realize their own’. 

In the photos Sissi wears a total look by Lemon Beret: we chose the wind jacket, light but really functional, in metallic tones of silver (but with lilac inside!) combined with the jeggings (which are very soft, in cotton) and the lightweight sweatshirt with a cheerful print!

As parents, sustainability should be more important than ever.

Lemon Beret embraces this philosophy at 360 degrees, starting from the outset of ensuring a healthy and safe working environment in which workers feel respected and receive equal opportunities. The company places the sustainable trade at the center of its activity respecting and following the principles of work according to the code of conduct BSCI Amfori.

As a member of Amfori BEPI, the whole production and procurement cycle is environmentally conscious: waste management, greenhouse gas production, chemical management… At local and global level there is a strong commitment to reduce environmental impact and increase transparency in the supply chain. By working closely with suppliers and expert organisations in finding more sustainable raw materials, the company attempts to reduce its carbon footprint, water and waste, restrict the use of chemicals and pesticides, prevent deforestation and protection of freshwater and biodiversity.

The goal is to create high quality products that are environmentally friendly and made ethically, guaranteeing transparency and traceability in every aspect. The garments are manufactured with the standard 100 with OEKO-TEX Label®. Ready-to-use yarns, fabrics or articles are constantly tested for harmful substances to ensure skin-friendly and safe garments. Organic cotton is cultivated using methods and materials that have a positive impact on the environment. The company collaborates and consults third-party certification organizations such as Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), which verify that organic producers comply with strict federal regulations, using methods and materials allowed in the production Biological.

And now… where can I buy it?

You can find Lemon Beret in many online stores, including Zalando, or at

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