Scandinavian Clothing for children: our “Italian hygge” with Molo

I like to learn from traditions of other Countries, I like absorbing cultures and recognizing – in a more or less objective way – where others do better than us. Traveling so much, we observe so much, we learn and try to improve ourselves.

This mood, which permeates this blog/magazine (and has always been part of me and my life, basically), makes a tour at 360 degrees in our lifestyle as a family and embraces many themes, first of all kids fashion. We try to choose well, both as a style and as ethics, we try to learn from our beloved Scandinavian brands.

After many years, I can almost say that Scandinavian clothing for children has almost no secrets for us: anyway we continue to search, to discover, to travel, to shoot. We know where to look, maybe the point is just that: our research in the field of Scandinavian clothing for children never stops because it evolves with Sissi, following the seasonal trends and the requests of those who read us.

But in the end, despite the journeys, the research, the many flights taken, our base is however Italy and Italy is part of our DNA: despite our Scandinavian tastes, despite the attention to green themes, despite we love the fresh air and the skies that only Northern Europe can give us, despite our love for order and linearity and for those dusty colors, that we find so beautiful, we bring sun, sea, wine, good food, joy and Mediterranean scents within us.

And so, even when we try to cultivate hygge, when we try to enjoy the beauty of the little things, to savor moments, even before we even taste them, when we try to create hygge, we do it by putting  a little bit of our culture and passion. Mediterranean passion.

Scandinavian Clothing for children: our “Italian hygge” with pier

Molo, the Danish brand of Scandinavian children’s clothing, in its Fall/Winter 2018/19 collection has a dedicated part to Hygge (we talked about it here, with some shots) and recently wanted to investigate how Hygge was lived around the world. We are there too and you can read our tips to live an Italian hygge in this article, along with many other tips.

Among the five tips for our Italian hygge, there is also making pizza together at home. It’s fun, relaxing, healthy (you decide the quality of the ingredients!) and children love to knead! Making pizza at home on Saturday afternoons becomes a fun and cozy family activity, where you can breathe serenity. As long as you don’t end up doing fight with the flour!

How do we prepare our pizza at home? Far from being a food blogger, I leave you a simple recipe that really works!

Ingredients: 400 gr flour 00, yeast 15 gr, EVO oil 50 gr, salt and water

The choice of the type of flour is important: we choose a flour with medium-low strength (W 170-240) that begin to develop gluten soon and that have faster leavening and maturation times (6 hours at room temperature).

For seasoning: it’s up to you! But you can’t miss a good tomato sauce, better organic, and an excellent fresh mozzarella.

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