Coco: the Disney Pixar movie conquered our whole family

We like to talk to you about movies but not always I write here on the blog our opinions or impressions about movies for kids that we see at cinema with Sissi: mostly we bring you with us when we see the movies (of course without spoilers)!

First it was Periscope, then Snapchat, now are the Instagram stories (I created a highlight topic on Ig Stories). We told you about Oceania here, do you remember? We loved it! Cinema has always been my passion, I remember when, teenager, I was subscribed to Ciak (italian movie magazine) and I have been for years, before the advent of the era of web and social media.

If you are a mom and still you have not brought your kids to the cinema to see Coco, then – without spoiler – I tell you why I think you should go and the effect that Coco has had on Sissi and on us as a family.

Coco: why we liked it so much?

This is the first question I made to myself when I decided to talk to you about Coco. In a nutshell: I was excited because of the Latin blood of my husband and because it touches a part of the Latin culture that inevitably is part of our life or Coco has touched deep and important feelings regardless our personal experience?

Difficult to split the two fatcs: there is a bit of each, but I assure you that Sissi loved Coco like no other animated film so far. And, not by chance, Coco also won a Golden Globe for best animated film.

While, during the Feast of the Dead, the village of Santa Cecilia (and all Mexico) set up altars in the houses and illuminates the cemeteries to welcome the visit of the deceased family, Miguel is going to follow a path that transforms that far tradition into something real, personal and urgent, a matter of life and death, and imposes the importance of the memory between the priorities of life, even of a young boy like him. The summary is just this and MYmovies tells it to perfection.

Coco theme was already present at Disneyland Paris in late September, when the park was preparing for Halloween

As a mom, you should take your kids to the movies and see Coco. Because it is difficult to talk about death to children, because it is difficult to explain the ancestors, it is difficult to answer that question that every parent will be asked sooner or later: “Where do people go when die?”.

Coco faces with delicacy, lightness, deep respect and a touch of easygoing cheerfulness, so typical of the Latin world, the theme of the afterlife. It is a beautiful, colorful, happy world, a world in which we adults too want to think to live our loved ones who have left us. It is a world full of music, in which the memory takes on a deep meaning. And while your child has fun following the adventures of Miguel and singing Estoy un poquitito loco, you, as an adult, will begin to think about your grandparents, uncles, who is no longer here. You will think how important and true is the memory , the fact that those who are not here still live as long as we remember them. Just keep even an old faded photo.

I know I shouldn’t love music, but it’s not my fault. Music is in my veins

Coco is not only a reflection on the afterlife and on the link between living and dead, Coco is also family. The importance of the family, small or extended, matriarchal or patriarchal, the importance of the bond, the blood: a very strong concept, rooted in Latin culture, but that we Italians also have strong inside us.

They look like Coco’s ancestors, right?

Coco is a window on Latin culture. Certainly the Disney Pixar movie tells the Mexican traditions of the Dia de los Muertos, but in general there are many references to all Latin culture. Women, strong, combative, women who help the family in some way even when they are abandoned. Strong women like Frida Kahlo, who could not but appear in more than a cameo. And then the music, so important in Latin culture: by the way, take some time to listen to a few minutes of La Lllorona di Chavea Vargas, the song that is sung by grandmother Imelda.

And then words, those that make us smile in the variety of Hispanic Spanish, so different from Country to Country: Miguel is a chamaco for Hector, is mijo for his dear granny.

Coco is finally an exhortation to follow your dreams, to cultivate your talent: a classic in Disney productions, which unites many and many Disney characters and that can be a really positive example of tenacity for our children.

I don’t have to convince you to go to see Coco. Because I’m sure that – if you’re not already gone – you’ve already consulted the movie schedule, right?

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