Dream big: Puma x Sesame Street

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of one of the most iconic brands, PUMA is launching the exclusive PUMA X SESAME STREET kids collection through the joyful “dream big” message.

PUMA will really make kids smile by combining the colors and fun of Sesame Street characters – who doesn’t love Elmo and Cookie Monster? – with the casual and sporty style, comfortable and perfect for the back to school, of Puma.

PUMA X SESAME STREET ranges from clothing for girls, toddl
ers to Mini-Me sneakers to fashion accessories. Dream big PUMA X SESAME STREET was launched globally on PUMA.com, PUMA stores and select retailers on August 1.

PUMA presents unisex Mini-Me versions of some of the most acclaimed PUMA sneakers, packaged in brightly colored Sesame Street boxes.
The famous R.S 9.8 sneaker is launched in a beautiful interpretation for children in the feminine and children’s version with mesh inserts and suede, with a graphic inspired by Sesame Street and with cheerful patches with Elmo or Cookie Monster. The PUMA SUEDE STATEMENT is available in dark red or blue and incorporates a playful and transparent shaped stripe, filled with metallic stars and Elmo and Cookie Monster decorations on the toe. In addition, PUMA X SESAME STREET also includes the popular PUMA SUEDE BADGE in light gray or black, adorned with the beloved Elmo or Cookie Monster.

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