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How to dress children in spring: Barn of Monkeys SS18

Spring is perhaps the most beautiful season of the year but also the most insidious when choosing the outfits for our little ones: too hot, too cold, first sweating then freezing, in the sun you are fine with short sleeves, while in the shade with the wind you suffer glacial air… so the solution to the question How to dress children in spring? is dressing in layers.

Instead of the usual kids outfit with sweatshirt and shirt, we tried to create a different look, using what will be the garments that Sissi will wear in the middle of summer. 

How to dress children in spring: Barn of Monkeys SS18

We waited too long with the new items from Barn of Monkeys spring/summer 2018 collection in the drawer! When you can feel spring in the air you want to renew even your outfits: lighten weights, use lighter and solar colors… instead the weather is not the best and in our drawers all our new shopping for the new season lies waiting for a ray of sunshine!

Here’s how a denim shirt helps us: we decided to wear it under the top in fine organic cotton knit (so gorgeous to the touch) with the detail of the colored pockets. Loved by children!

The pants, in a beautiful cherry color, have a loose fit but fit very well when worn: the pleats and pockets on the front make them pretty even for a girl! I imagine them in full summer with some short tops, what do you think?

The sneakers are from Kenzo Kids, with LED lights, that one I showed you in this article: much more than a white sneakers, with very 80s details, we like them soooo much!

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