Dyo Ministyling

Letkidsbekids: a slogan? No. A question of principle.

Dresses personally tested, washed, ironed, lived, sometimes stained with grass or ice cream, sometimes cut with scissors during an art-attack… as always in the mood of this blog: you know I don’t talk about something we didn’t tried in person, bought, loved and that in good conscience I know I can recommend to you, who read me and often ask for advice.

Beyond to meet my requirements as mum, the brands that accompany us in this new project should make Sissi (and kids in general) happy.

Can a garment make a child happy?
Yes. A special printing can make a child proud of admiring comments from friends, a dress can make you feel a princess, a drawing can instill confidence and courage, a sweatshirt can become a security blanket only for its color…
Clothes that do not hinder the game, true essence of childhood, and make possible to discover the world with all 5 senses.

Today the brand that will be with us in this new and long journey is Dyo Ministyling.

Dyo Ministyling

Amanda. Dyo is Amanda and never a name would be more representative for a brand. Amanda has breathed fashion since childhood (if I mention Manuela de Juan?), but she always looked forward, trying to build her own way and her own style.
And as always, when motherhood comes: creative moment par excellence which disrupts hormones and turn on neurons, Amanda decided to give life to her own brand that reflected her tastes and needs as mom.
DYO is for Diti y Oliver, her children: Manditi a real #littlenadbrave, a little angel with golden curls, and Oliver, little man of the house!

Amanda decided to create a collection thinking first of all of them, her children: handmade in Spain, cotton is organic, there are no annoying label or dangerous items such as buttons or zippers. And the style? The style is modern, in colors and prints, but not overdone, maintaining a sobriety that is therefore able to meet the tastes of all mothers…
and in fact, it also met ours!


For Emma: Cardigan Malvi&Co, Sneakers Bensimon
For Sissi: Bolero Malvi&Co, Sandals Naturino
Accessories: Popcutie

© Copyright Valentina Bravetti Photographer

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