Experimentarium Copenhagen: children’s Museum in Copenhagen

A children’s Museum as it should be.

Experimentarium approaches children to science really through the game and the personal experience of scientific laws.

It’s a museum with a large open space where children can move freely between the areas dedicated to thematic (and scientific) activities.
There is not a predetermined path, if not the division over two floors and a certain logic in themes and age with which you can direct your children.

Experimentarium Copenhagen: the children’s museum in Copenhagen

Your visit to Experimentarium takes place on two floors. On the first floor there is a large area dedicated to the port: how to move the goods from Copenhagen to Singapore? Easy! Just follow the path of a ball!




Energy Zone, recommended by 10 years of age, was actually a bit complicated for the age of Sissi (5 years and a half): the physical concepts behind this area make it actually fit for children that attend at least last years of elementary school, even better if in middle school.

Also the area dedicated to the human body (“Under your skin”) would be recommended starting from 10 years: However, even younger children can marvel at the wonder of our body, about which they have already  some consciousness and knowledge.




The tunnel of the senses is an experience suitable for kids in preschool, although recommended by 6 years of age, with which to test our senses, also during various stages of human being’s life.


In the Interactive Film Theater, thanks to a modern viewer, children will become the protagonists of the film ‘Pigen, der ikke ville Murugan stille’ (The girl who wouldn’t sit still).

The real attraction of the first floor of Experimentarium, which will involve the entire family, is PULSE Plaza: 8 team games – always guided by physics and experimental learning – to do with family or friends: simply team up and sign up to the central computer and then have fun to face 8 trials! As you progress in trials, you return to the computer to answer a few questions about what you have just learned and… surprise: entering your mail you will receive the link to download the photos that were taken during rehearsals!


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Finally, the beach with water and sand, suitable for kids from 3 years of age, in an area where they can experience, playing, the principles of hydraulics.







The upper floor accommodates kids with the idea company, where to give rein to their creativity, and also with the house of inventions, filled with roboticsand modern inventions. Passing through Be seen be safe, dedicated to car safety, you get to Circus Physicus, to experience the most (and least) known physical phenomena.




The central part of the floor is occupied by the wonderful LYS, the labyrinth of light: prisms, neon tubes, laser beams that touched sound like a harp, games with shadows. Optics as nobody ever showed it!





The construction site alwyas fascinates children: wheelbarrows, cranes, bricks… everyone at work, with helmet and jacket!





Let the most playful and joyful attraction at theend of your visit at Experimentarium: the Bubblearium. A real factory of soap bubbles. You’ll have to wrestle also with adults to grab a seat because, you know, everybody really like soap bubbles at any age!






Experimentarium Copenhagen: tickets and infos

Tickets can be conveniently purchased online at the official website of Experimentarium and costs DKK 185 per adult (from 12 years) and 105 DKK for children from 3 to 11 years.
For the visit I recommend to keep free the whole day (the Museum is opened from 9.30 to 17.00, except on Thursdays when it closes at 20.00) because it is really worth living all things calmly (and also repeat some!).
From the point of view of children’s age, surely Experimentarium is also suitable for children in preschool.
For all practical infos and to view the interactive map you can visit the official website of Experimentarium.




Experimentarium Copenhagen: where?

Apparently Experimentarium might seem a bit out of the way. Located in Hellerup, it is easily reached by bike, by car or public transport (bus 1A or 21 – stop Tuborg Boulevard (Strandvejen)- or S-tog (lines A, C, E, F) and Øresundstog (train) – Hellerup station – or S-tog (lines A, B, C, E, H)- Svanemøllen Station).
The area is full of modern buildings, there is a small harbour and next to Experimentarium we’ve found Waterfront Shopping (a commercial centre with a convenient underground parking) and the factory of the famous Tuborg, that you can visit to make daddy happy!

By Leif Jørgensen (Own work)[CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

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