Sustainable children’s fashion: GRO SS20 collection

We have known the Danish brand GRO for a long time: comfortable clothes, designed for children, characterized by high quality, organic and natural materials and those Scandinavian color palettes that we like so much.

GRO’s spring summer 2020 collection is connected with Hygge, an all-Danish feature that many of us have had to appeal to during the lockdown months.

Sustainable children’s fashion: GRO SS20 AUTHENTIC collection

A walk on a beach, the sea breeze hitting your face, the sun warming you, the unique light of the North. The gaze goes beyond the shore to the horizon and is lost in the water while the bare feet perceive the warmth of the wood warmed by the sun… AUTHENTIC leads us to rediscover what is most true, the simple and deep emotions and the children’s fashion of GRO for spring summer 2020 invites us to feel the freedom of the most simple and natural games, something to share between parents and children.

After experiencing a family lockdown, we shot these kids outfits for GRO in a location that connects us to our Italian nature and tradition: wheat fields, hills, hay bales… an agrarian landscape now almost forgotten (or unknown) by children, accustomed to living the frenzy of cities among a thousand sports, courses, commitments, homework, shopping, appointments.

That’s when the slow fashion that GRO’s children’s fashion represents is also reflected in a simpler lifestyle, but not less fulfilling

Sustainability for GRO has always been not only a trendy word, but the inspirational focus of every collection and the brand itself. 98% of clothes and accessories are produced in Turkey, in local cotton, thus reducing CO2 consumption in jersey production. The supply chain is optimized, buying from local Turkish suppliers as much as possible.
The materials are of the highest quality: GRO’s children’s fashion is made to last. The garments will survive the adventures of more than one child, so they may be passed between brothers.

Delicate designs and a minimalist colour palette also ensure a unisex and seasonless style, which can be combined in different collections

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