Sustainable fashion for children: Mimookids

Launched in 2018 by The Nest at Pitti Bimbo, Mimookids could not go unnoticed for the revolutionary design that characterizes each of its collections, aiming at the empowerment of the little ones.

Dresses, overalls, trousers and T-shirts are all inspired by the Montessori Method whose key concept is “learning by doing”. The Spanish brand has made this motto its own through extra comfortable collars, the Close-Me system of easy closures and buttoning with a color system, extra large buttons, super elastic waist to easily pull trousers up and down and comfortable designs for freedom of movement.

All this allows children to be more independent, learn to dress on their own and have more self-confidence.

Sustainable fashion for children: Mimookids for the SS22 season is Back-To-Nature

Back-To-Nature, the new collection for the SS22 season,consists of garments made of natural and innovative fibers such as linen and recycled cotton blends.

The collection takes us into a menorca finca and really conveys a sense of carefree freedom, approaching a palette of olive green and almond pink.

The sustainability of the collection derives from the fact that no water is consumed in the production process and toxic dyes are not used: the prints are digital on cotton, made in Barcelona.

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