Finland Low-cost: visiting Finland on a small budget is possible!

Low-cost travels in Scandinavian countries are generally not too simple: with some foresight, though, it is possible!

Visiting Finland low-cost: who said that on a small budget you can’t travel?! We discover together how to save on all the various items of the trip… Are you ready to find out how to save money?

Visit Finland low-cost: flights

Often the most expensive item, especially if you have more children with more than 2 years, is just the flight.
If it is true that Low-cost airlines cut down in general the item “flight” in the budget-list for your trip, in Scandinavia not always the most popular Ryanair, Vueling and Easyjet can be the cheapest.
About 15 trips to Scandinavia and I count on one hand the times we traveled with these companies! Consider also Norwegian, excellent low-cost with very good service, but do not discard companies like SAS or Finnair or Lufthansa.
Of course for the flight reservation, timing is everything!

Visiting Finland low-cost: Rent a car

Visiting Finland without a car is somewhat limiting in my opinion, especially in the months without snow: a car will allow you to reach distances of many kilometers at your own pace, to make deviations from the route and photographic stops.
One of the best websites to rent a car in Finland is Autoeurope: you can compare the prices of all the companies present on the site and choose the services you want. Moreover, unlike other similar sites, the amount that will be blocked on your credit card is not excessive and is clearly specified, also the best price is guaranteed and the phone number of assistance speaks Italian.

Visiting Finland low-cost: how to choose a comfortable hotel without spending too much

Here is another item that weighs a lot in the budget for your trip to Scandinavia and that often makes you giving up the trip!
As far as Finland is not so cheap, I have generally noticed slightly lower prices than other Scandinavian countries, with equal quality and services.
A low-cost solution for sleeping in Finland, suitable also for families because it has everything you need also to heat baby food and homogenized, is Omena Hotels.
It is a low-cost hotel chain scattered throughout Finland: we have tried it for you at Vaasa.

Omena Hotels was founded in Tampere in 2003 and its creator, Rabbe Grönblom, wanted to change the concept of the hotel industry by developing a hotels chain in which customers should not pay for unnecessary excesses. Recalling the motto of his university professor whatever you do, keep it simple, Rabbe created Omena Hotels. Omena Hotels cuts costs also by eliminating the reception and using door codes instead of Keys. You will receive a code by email after booking and by mail or SMS you’ll get the door code and room number the day before arrival. The door code will cease to operate at noon on the day of departure.

Do not expect a 5 star hotel, but you will still have a clean room, a comfortable bed, a fridge, a coffee corner and a microwave, a private bathroom with shower. What you need for a stop on the road!
A tip: on the site of Omena Hotels you can find super offers!

Visiting Finland low-cost: Free ferries

A boat trip? For free! In Finland there are many islands, especially on the Gulf of Bothnia. You can enjoy the view by taking a free ferry, like the one for the island of hailuoto, in Oulu. The ride takes about 20 minutes and what you need to do is just queue up! Nice, isn’t it?!

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