Foteviken: a living Viking town

This is not the first time that we deal with Vikings!

A few years ago, Sissi was not yet born, we visited the island of Birka near Stockholm, and we were very impressed, so much that we wanted to repeat the Viking experience even on this blogtour around South Sweden. Sissi loves stories of knights, pirates… and even Vikings (she is a big fan of the TV series Vicky the Viking)!

Foteviken is a Viking Village where volunteers live according to traditions and customs of the Vikings in the late Middle Ages.

The site on which Foteviken stands is not accidental: on 4 June 1134 in the Bay of Fotevik there was a battle,  important for the fate of the throne of Denmark. Foteviken is located about 20 km South of Malmö, near the town of Höllviken and can be easily reached by car in about 20 minutes (or by public transport: bus number 100 from Malmö).


Map of Viking places around the bay of Foteviken in Scania, Sweden.


The village is not only an open air museum, but also a real Viking Reserve with its own rules, whose border with Sweden is marked by the fence. In the Viking reserve at Foteviken people (some seasonal, some permanent, others students and other volunteer actors) lives and works just like in the 12th century. Their products are sold in the Museum shop: from fabrics to herbal teas, from terracotta to amulets carved in wood or stone.



The village consists of a group of buildings, typically made of wood, straw and mud, which had the dual function of homes and workshops. Beside these, there are real laboratories such as weaving, blacksmith shop, bakery.
The largest building, the Tinghöll, or town hall, is used for congregation and festivities. The construction technique is based on that of Norweigan stave churches and descriptions in Icelandic sources.
Right in the Tinghöll you’ve seen live in Instagram Stories the first Knight of the King of the Vikings telling us a legend about Thor.
The Watchtower, as well as having a defensive and sighting of enemies function, offers to us moderns visitors a beautiful view on the Baltic Sea and Oresund.


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The area in front of the South Gate is fun and interesting for children, in addition to visiting the houses and interacting with real Vikings: here you will find the Viking boats and a series of games, that you can touch, live and play… just like a Viking!

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