French fashion for girls: style tips

French style is characterized by love of simplicity, always with a touch of sophistication. It’s a perfect style for little girls because it’s always quite easy and casual: we could almost define it as minimalist, but – unlike Nordic brands – with hyper-feminine accents.

If we think about French fashion, style icons such as Françoise Hardy or Brigitte Bardot and also influencers such as Jeanne Damas, Camille Charrière and Chloe Lecareux come to mind. Naturally, a special mention goes to the actress and model Camille Razat, who quickly became a reference point also for teens and pre-teens thanks to the very successful Netflix series Emily in Paris.

French fashion for girls – must-haves

Although the aim is to achieve a casual style, there is always a touch of elegance in terms of colours, combinations and lines. In general, French style is characterized by:

• sobriety and refinement.

• basic items that don’t go out of style

• flat shoes

• square glasses in the style of the 60s and 70s

• Basque

• jackets, cardigans

• tweed, in pure Chanel style

• scarves and foulards

• neutral tones

French fashion for girls: sobriety and sophistication

As we mentioned above, sobriety and sophistication are the main characteristics of the Parisian style.

One of our favorite brands, Marie Puce, fully represents the French style and makes sobriety and refinement two of its main values: the apparently simple look, chosen by Sissi, becomes refined thanks to the very delicate embroideries of the blouse. The shorts, on the other hand, become refined thanks to the tencel fabric, which makes them soft and silky.

French fashion for girls – basics

A white blouse, a pair of pleated shorts, a cardigan: this is all you need to achieve a flawless look. Less is more and timeless pieces are essential in French style: you could add a cardigan (remember the one worn in this look?) to the outfit made up of an organic cotton gauze blouse and shorts… and ready!

French fashion for girls: neutral tones

Neutral tones are favorites of the Parisian style: from beige to navy blue, black and gray, white, pale pink. Basic, versatile and easily combinable garments, but always with that touch of almost casual elegance.


French fashion for girls: Marie Puce

Founded in Paris in 2003 as a true French children’s fashion atelier, Marie Puce embodies chic fashion for girls and boys in pure Parisian style.

Not only is the manufacturing of each garment, accurate and impeccable, but also the choice of fabrics is important for Marie Puce: natural fabrics, organic fabrics, tencel, cotton, linen, which are combined with soft, delicate, infinitely elegant colors, as well as with Liberty prints.

Marie Puce is the perfect brand to dress children in French style: timeless style, unique details and sustainability combine perfectly to create iconic looks, so much that you’ll feel like you’re walking along the Seine!

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