Children’s games to do at home

Spring has seen children at home grappling with lockdowns and distance learning: entertaining them has been a bit complicated for all families. Which are best children’s games to do at home?

Children’s games to do at home are mainly those games that entertain and agree young and adults, perhaps with educational or creative aspects as well as merely playful.

Children’s games to do at home

Barbie, Lego and superheroes don’t need introductions, but among children’s games to do at home you absolutely have to take into account board games as well.

In the common imagination, board games are more part of Christmas period, or at least winter: get them out and start playing! Sitting at a table together, these children’s games reinforce the concept of family and union… despite the fights over who wins! They will help you creating unique moments that your child will remember over the years.

Scrabble by Spinmaster is a classic, suitable from 8 years of age (or at least for school-age children), easy to learn, fun to play, simple and brilliant, just because it is really educational.

To be or not to be is a fun game, to do with family or friends, to guess who you are. Everyone will know who you are… except you! Choose a card from the deck and put it in your head without looking at it: at this point the questions begin to the opponents to understand who you are, but be careful… they will only be able to answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

For girls, you can also propose creative and fun games, such as creating necklaces, dresses for dolls or even playing nail art! To play with manicures and nail art, choose children’s and non-toxic products: a good idea is Cool Maker Go Glam, a game that never ends thanks to the different patterns of the molds and the different colors of nail polish. It can definitely become a fun game between sisters or mom-and-daughter!

Among the children’s games to do at home, you can definitely choose Djeco’s wooden toys: adding a tea/coffee set to your mini-kitchen can revive interest in this game, as well as the set to create cookies, so educational for children to train manual skills and recognize shapes and colors.

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