Girls Clothes Online: our shopping in a new kids outfit

You’ve seen our spring shopping both in the unboxing on Instagram Stories and in this article: now it’s time to show it worn! But before showing you the photos, I want to give you some tips about how to buy girl clothes online: did you know that many online stores and boutiques have mid season sales right now?

That’s one of the reasons why it’s always worth buying girl clothes online: convenience! You always find plenty of offers even when in physical stores they are not willing to offer you even a coffee and the dates of the official sales are quite distant.

A rather fresh spring season has somehow slowed down our shopping: partly demotivated by cold and rain we were not in the mood for shopping swimwear and tank tops… but you know, for shopping there is always a good reason and, if it is for children, the excuse of change of size is always perfect 😉

Girls Clothes Online: our shopping at 

I have a weakness for beautiful things. Not necessarily branded, but beautiful, well-made, I always search for good and natural materials: it is a general rule that applies for me and also for Sissi. And when we buy clothes for her, even more we pay attention to the composition of garments, preferring certified organic or at least natural materials, without polyester or synthetic fibres.

In our latest shopping on you’ve seen a French trend in our selection. Here is another advantage of buying girl clothes online: a huge choice of brands in just one place(on I recommend you to shop from PC and filter by size and by brand), availability of sizes, possibility to combine different styles and mix and match, so that you can include in the same virtual cart garments from outlet section and from current collections or select  timeless items.

In fact, our shopping has been mainly aimed at choosing garments that can last, not victims of passing trends (but anyway trendy!). Here is a wonderful marinière top signed Chloè that combines with the jeggings from Molo (now a must in the wardrobe of Sissi both for fit and for ease of management at school, since they do not have zip and buttons). The sweatshirt is perfect when in the evening it’s cold or for a walk in the mountains. For me this sweatshirt was a coup de coeur: I adore Les Coyotes de Paris and this item will surely accompany Sissi in the early autumn months at school. The style with the embroidery on the neck and cuffs (which can be removed to allow a washing without surprises) make it simply adorable! The bag by Chloè in straw is a real must of this season also for us adults and it will certainly be usable for several seasons.

The sneakers with the lightning are from Zadig et Voltaire Kids, while the high-canvas sneakers with flowers – available also in mini-me version as you’ve seen in Mother’s Day – are from Gioseppo Kids.

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