Girls’ special occassion clothing: 20 ideas to avoid mistakes

Spring = Special occasions: in the next months we will focus weddings, confirmations, communions. How to dress little girls?

Surely as soon as you received the invitation for a ceremony, you started thinking about how to dress your little girl: today finding ceremony dresses fro girls is quite simple, for every budget but… as always my advice is to choose quality, perhaps spending something more and choosing smart garments, not improbable or too pompous, that would remain in the closet to take dust.

Spending more on a good garment means not only buying a logo or a trend: it also means buying special manufacturers and quality materials. Avoid poor quality tulle (which reminds low-cost wedding favors) and polyester! Look for cotton, viscose, linen: natural fabrics that let the skin breathe, that allow movements, that can be washed and can be worn for many other occasions. But remember that a ceremony is anyway a formal occasion and then your choice must fall on something special (in short, forget denim, pants and shirts!).

Girls’ special occassion clothing: 20 ideas to avoid mistakes

Here are 20 ideas for you not to make mistakes when choosing an occasion dress for your girl: each of these items can be reinterpreted in a daily version. Certainly not for school, but surely for your spring weekends, for the first evening out and for the summer holidays that we expect more glamorous than ever!

Here is the gallery, remember to click to enlarge the images!

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