Kids hairstyles with bows

Especially in summer, it is important to know how to collect hair, especially for girls with long hair! If you want to avoid the usual ponytail, high or low, here are many ideas of hairstyles with bows for your little girl. Or for you!

Knowing how to choose the most suitable hairstyle for any occasion can make the difference between a boring look or a really super children’s outfit!

Kids hairstyles with bows

Of course, in addition to being pretty, it is important that the hairstyle is easy to achieve and comfortable to wear so that the little girls feel comfortable and can have the most fun at all times.

Traditional hairstyles never go out of fashion and, if they also have a touch of modernity, they are a success, like the classic ponytail made not too perfect and pulled, with a slightly bohemian mood. And to give it a more elegant look, just add a bow.

When we think of braids, usually we imagine traditional braids, but it is a very versatile hairstyle: in the example below, two braids on both sides converge in the center where they are fixed, in this case, with a bow. Undoubtedly, it is an adorable hairstyle, perfect to wear even on special occasions.

You can also try a very simple hairstyle, fast to make and comfortable to wear, as well as suitable for almost all occasions. In this case it is decorated with a blue bow that gives it a more classic touch, but can be replaced with a flower-shaped ornament or even left without any detail… or you can make your little girl happy with the Bow’Sis!

Bow hairstyles also become a game!

Bow’Sis are super cool!

Bow’Sis, produced by IMC Toys, are a game and a hair accessory at the same time! 6 bows to wear depending on your favorite outfit and in addition each bow hides a surprise: a collectible doll!

The bow can be detached from the doll so as to wear it even on its own type of spring, also rotating and bending the bow the doll stands and… let the game begin!

Feeling romantic, retro or rock? There’s a Bow’Sis for every occasion! 6 bows to collect allow over 40 combinations with dolls and in addition there is an exclusive doll with glittery hair!

You can find Bow’Sis in toy stores and on Amazon.

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