Halloween ideas for kids

Halloween is not part of Italian tradition, but certainly in the last few years it has become a popular celebration.

By not too young mom, I do not remember any Halloween party nor at school nor at high school and I remember few Halloween parties over the last few years at the university… I have to admit that I’m not crazy about Halloween: a celebration of terror and fear is not for me, I am rather a person that celebrates the joy of living and life, though it is full of worries, obstacles, adversity, anxiety, pain.

Nevertheless I think about the fun aspect of this celebration, that perhaps is worth to be lived: make a fine Jack O’Lantern with pumpkin, costumes, hunting for sweets, these are definitely fun and serene moments to spend together with Sissi. As usual, as parents the filter is up to us: it depends on us finding the educational aspect, or at least a less banal and commercial aspect of this celebration, as in any situation.

I do not know if Sissi will take part to any Halloween party: the diseases arrived really early this year… I wonder how many mothers are in my situation: is it worth buying a Halloween costume that probably we will not use? My advice then is to think about normal clothing, with some emphasis on “spooky and creepy”, that can be used after for kindergarten, for your daily mini outfit. Here’s my collage of fav items!

How complete the look for Halloween?

With a witch’s hat and a broom or with funny masks in the shape of animals created by Bea Barthes, brand of handmade clothing and accessories for children and babies: funny masks, handmade in colorful cloth, with which your children will become pandas, frogs, cats and other friends. A sweet collection, perfect not only for the most popular autumn festival but also to play throughout the year. You can find them on the site of Bea Barthes or at the store in via Stampa, 8 – 20123 Milano (02.6700634; Opening: 10-12.30 / 15-18), with the price of 15€.

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