HAPPY BDAY TO MY SISSI: party kids outfit

2 years!

It’s already been two years since that Saturday in February. I still remember that before entering the operating room for a cesarean, “parked” in the hallway waiting for my gynecologist (that Prof which today, unfortunately, is no longer here and to whom I send a greeting and a gentle reminder, I’m sure that he will watch from there all the children that he helped to born), I looked at the sky , blue, clear, sunny, and at the sea. I remember my fear, that helpful anesthetist so kind, the green sheet, the words of Prof explaining to his students how you can perform cesarean section, her exclamation “what a big girl!”… I remember you, my baby, bloody, crying, naked, helpless… I remember your eyes that looked at me and then, from that moment nothing was as before. You are the greatest joy and my biggest worry: may you always be right, grow well, healthy and intelligent, possibly even beautiful, but not as a priority, with freedom in thought and actions, right, honest, capable, may you love art and world, life. And may you become a better person than your mom and your dad, may you learn from our mistakes. And may you continue to hold my hand and smile at me, joking, singing and dancing together, you and I in our “symbiosis” of love. And if one day (hopefully in many years) I’m gone, I hope that all this will remain inside of you and that this will form part of your being, because only so I can be with you FOREVER.






Dress Pale Cloud

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Shoes Naturino Gold

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