Highlights from the digital edition of Playtime Paris

” Through the haze of a dawn that is slow to dissipate, the hour and the urgency are sowing the seeds of a new momentum toward new horizons. It is time to sow, so we lay the seeds before us on the sieve of our experiences and we make our choices. Toward the righteous, toward the authentic… the hand that sows is guided by instinct and common sense ” (From Playtime manifesto, on the theme “Seeding”)

Every season in 3 world capitals such as Paris, New York and Tokyo, Playtime becomes a central point of meetings and exchanges between design brands and buyers from all over the world.

The only fair to have developed and put into use its order collection platform, Playtime innovates once again by giving its community tools to cover the relationship between brands and buyers at 360°. While we wait to be able to meet again in person, Playtime offered during the days of 10, 11 and 12 February a unique experience and a unique and original e-show, in which the brands were able to show the new collections, in a real Marketplace 2.0!

An event to inspire, celebrate, exchange, discover and…. meet (though from afar)! Through inspiring content, masterclasses, podcasts and trends, Playtime has created an interactive virtual space to celebrate children’s fashion and forge new privileged relationships between brands and retailers.

Highlights from the digital edition of Playtime Paris: green brands

In addition to many big brands that have always focused on the sustainability of production and collections, every year Playtime is a launch pad for new brands and stage that focuses on smaller niche brands, but no less important, certainly strongly committed and compromised with the protection of our planet.

Atelier Parsmei

The Swiss brand’s AW21/22 collection is called Harvest and is linked to the return to roots, with a look back at childhood and family traditions. Building on the difficulties we have all had over the last year, it is time to look optimistically to the future, remaining anchored to affections with great sensitivity. The reference is to the traditional story of Heidi, with a palette of colors linked to the tones of the earth and nature, which rest on natural fabrics such as wool, silk, cashmere.

Bebe Organic

A nostalgic and timeless collection with a modern touch adapted to the comfort and freedom of children. The autumn winter 2021/22 of the Estonian brand Bebe Organic presents elegant tones with the natural softness of organic fabrics and a poetic and delicate mood. Vintage floral prints, handmade details, soft silk, velvet, traditional Liberty prints, sophisticated tartan and classic pointelle knitwear with laces combine with simple and modern cuts.

For the collection The Great Escape Bebe Organic goes in search of process innovation, to be increasingly sustainable and respectful of the planet.

The Bonnie Mob

The British brand dedicates the AW21/22 A cat named Sam collection to a cat named Sam and a dog named Duke. Everyone said they couldn’t be friends, because dogs and cats aren’t allowed to like each other!! But Sam and Duke were different, they were best friends and they loved each other very much, they liked hanging out with their owner, a famous artist named… Andy Warhol!
And so on to the organization of parties for all the coolest dogs and cats in New York, where they would dance all night looking at the city skyline, looking for a shooting star and expressing desires for a world full of art, color and fun and kindness.

Infantium Victoria

Infantium Victoria launches LUKOMORYE for the AW 21/22 Collection. As in Alexander Pushkin’s famous Russian poem “Ruslan and Lyudmila”, this legendary land by the sea is full of wonders: a magical place where children can imagine, play and surround themselves with fairy tales.
While the world is slowly getting used to a new normal, children are the fastest to adapt to the latest circumstances of online lessons, indoor play and limited social contact: Infantium Victoria gives them a piece of magic.
The fil rouge of the collection revolves around the majestic oak, surrounded by mysterious creatures such as elves, fairies, gnomes, unicorns, dragons, cats… everything a child desires! These prints are the distinctive feature of the collection and can be found on all autumn wardrobe items: jackets, trousers, T-shirts and leisure clothing.
The creative mind of Dinie van den Heuvel masterfully combines various custom pied-de-poule textures with the now classic Scottish fabrics by Infantium Victoria. This kaleidoscope of looks makes selection unique for customers and offers many opportunities for looks, from informal play moments to festive celebrations with the family. LUKOMORYE also offers a capsule collection of vegan organic knitwear in dirty white, with holiday-inspired decorations: garments perfect for a holiday in the snow or family time in front of the fireplace (from the comfort of the house).
Organic cotton is the central fabric available in a wide range of textures: from simple to three-dimensional meshes, to extra warm cotton sweatshirts, up to sumptuous fabrics, lush velvets and printed canvases.

Petit Indi

Inspired by the beauty of nature and the light of the Mediterranean, the made in Barcelona brand presents a mix of comfort, simplicity and special design. All garments are made with soft, comfortable and pleasant fabrics for the baby’s skin. True to its philosophy and commitment to quality and sustainability, Petit Indi has an entire line of organic cotton.

The AW21 collection is called Artic Collection: the reference to the Nordic countries is also evident in the color palette, with many grays and beiges, grays and dusty pinks, with black and orange accents.

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