Holidays in Salento with children: paradise has a name and is called Vivosa Apulia Resort

We live near the sea, on Italian Adriatic coast, we lived abroad in many cities on the sea, we traveled so much… and after the long weekend spent at Vivosa Apulia Resort my question was: why didn’t we travel here before?!

Salento stole our heart, and the merit is not only a locality that represents an Italian tourist excellence: the merit is mainly of that paradise that Vivosa Apulia Resort represents and which is sublimated by location in Salento.

In our days of staying at the resort we also wanted to have a broader view of Salento and we traveled two routes, one north of Ugento to Gallipoli and one to the south to Santa Maria di Leuca: famous places, clean sea and beaches like a postcard but… our conclusion has always been that the beach of Vivosa Apulia Resort is more beautiful and that the naturalistic context in which it is inserted is really unique.

Santa Maria di Leuca
Santa Maria di Leuca
Salento Holidays Children Santa Maria di Leuca
Salento Holidays with Children: Santa Maria di Leuca

Holidays in Salento with children: paradise has a name and is called Vivosa Apulia Resort

Vivosa Apulia Resort welcomes you in a typical Mediterranean setting, in a territory surrounded by olive trees and Mediterranean vegetation, in Marina di Ugento, on the Ionian coast of Salento.

Vivosa has everything you would expect from a 4-star resort, but there is more: there is first of all the friendliness and kindness of the people of the South of Italy, the warmth, the smiles and the desire to have a pleasant chat with guests without ever being intrusive. 

Salento Holidays with Children: Vivosa Apulia Resort
Salento Holidays with Children: Vivosa Apulia Resort
Salento Holidays with Children: Vivosa Apulia Resort
Salento Holidays with Children: Vivosa Apulia Resort

Architecturally this resort is very well organized: although it occupies a very large area, we orient very well thanks to the rooms organized in Corti, with buildings that resemble the structure of the typical buidings of the region. The greenery predominates everywhere: olive trees, flowers and lush bushes not only in the common areas but also at the disposal of every room of the resort with sun loungers.

Vivosa Apulia Resort and water: sea, swimming pools and SPA… choose how to relax in contact with water

We’re born of water. We all know the reinvigorating effect of contact with water, the shower that wakes us up in our everyday life or a relaxing bath. Water element is always present at the Vivosa Apulia Resort: swimming pools are large and well organized. We start from the central swimming pools composed of four pools, each on different levels to descend, also equipped with loungers to dip flush, for a whirlpool that exploits all the water’s regenerative power. For children: the choice is between the swimming pool with slides and the small circular swimming pool 40 cm deep, suitable also for the small ones. And it doesn’t end here: in the SPA there is an open-air hydromassage pool with sliding panels covering, which you can also enjoy with the children during the time dedicated to the family SPA.

Vivosa Apulia Resort: finally on holiday you will not write “goodbye diet”

You made a lot of sacrifices for the costume test, you even passed it and then? Then begin the holidays and with aperitifs, lunches and dinners, always at restaurant, you begin to write #goodbyediet… Not only: even the most accustomed to travel kid after a week of meals outside home begin to complain…

Vivosa Apulia Resort has also thought about this: its all inclusive look at the modern concepts of healthy living with #VivoSan0, which includes balanced food programs for adults and children. Vivosa also offers daily cooking lessons, with sea view at the beach before lunch and in the evening in the Via Appia restaurant. The chef Paola Di Giambattista invents new dishes every day and offers a buffet of new spices, aromas and ingredients. Children have a dedicated menu, designed and balanced for kids, with a special self-service area from which they can choose and serve by themselves.

Holidays in Salento with children: wellness also passes by (family) Spa

In all our travel experiences I often find beautiful SPAs that unfortunately, since I always travel with Sissi, I can never visit: as you know, SPAa are reserved for adults and teens older than 16 years. Alternatively, many SPAs offer access to families at times that are often unacceptable, from 7 to 9am. On holiday we all want to rest a little more, don’t you?! And so I usually pass in front of the windows of those beautiful SPA sighing…

The SPA of Vivosa Resort has a perfect family time: from 10 to 11am! And finally we were able to relax all together and while daddy visited the SPA’s swimming pools with Sissi, I was able to dedicate myself to the Finnish sauna (80°C), the Biosauna (that does not exceed 60°C and is suitable also for children) and Hammam to purify the body, the Kneipp path and the sensory showers.

Spa treatments are many: from face to body, through targeted treatments inspired by the territory, as Makariaand Mirodhara, facial gymnastics (to learn and take home) and the new path Beauty & Relax Experience guided by Spa Therapist in the humid area. I chose a hair treatment: cut, color and Olaplex! The products used in the SPA are all organic, produced by Hur in Florence specially for Vivosa Resort with local products from the olive tree, prickly pear and other indigenous species.

Holidays in Salento: Relax before back to work

Although I love dynamic holidays (and you saw us really grinding kilometers -about 1900 km – in Finland), a seaside holiday in Salento was what we needed to really relax before a second half of September very challenging.

At Vivosa Apulia Resort everything promotes relaxation: from the sea to the panorama, from the food to the SPA, but in addition of these the resort offers an Outdoor antistress Academy, a new open air space in which you can practice activities dedicated to wellness and live an unspoiled natural scenery. The space Energy area, immersed in the pine forest in front of the coastal sand dunes, is also prepared as a meeting room for small groups and those who want to regenerate in the open air, a meeting point where you can participate in seminars with the support of the antistress Academy.

Holiday in Salento: a family friendly and green resort

Vivosa Apulia is a family resort: here wellness, charm and children coexist. With the effort by the resort staff to make each type of guest live a unique experience, you see and feel you are ina a real family friendly resort. Without judging the choices of many resorts to deny access to children with an  Adults only or No child sign, I’m happy to tell you that at Vivosa resort everyone finds its own holiday dimension: families, seniors, couples, singles. The choice of activities and the large area covered by the resort allow every visitor to be able to have their own holiday to measure.

Children do not interfere with the activities for adults, they have their own spaces and a program dedicated to activities (if you manage to move them away from the beautiful beach, the crystal clear sea and the fun pools!).

Nature plays an important role in activities dedicated to children: many laboratories, a mini zoo directly in the resort, experiences in Ecofarm, mini Club, golf for children, water sports, cooking lessons, laboratories in the garden, excursions and day trips with the Vivosa bus for fun, Magic Labs… children will experience a really child friendly resort.

Vivosa Apulia Resort is also characterized by its green vocation: I’m telling you about this together with activities for children because I firmly believe, as you know, in the green but I think it’s even more important when trying to transmit it to those who, in a not too far future, will have to take care of our planet.

According to the quality principles and certifications of Ecoresort and Gold Travel Life, Vivosa Apulia Resort has also introduced an innovative photovoltaic system to cover the car parks, a service for charging electric cars and new services to support environmental protection. The whole resort is also very attentive to the separate waste collection.

Obviously with so much excellence, Vivosa Apulia Resort deserved prizes! In addition to Excellence 2018 Tripadvisor, Holiday Check, Wellness Destination Spa, Tui Holly and TOP Quality 2018, Vivosa Apulia Resort confirms itself as the leader in Italy and the world for its eco-vocation with Gold Travel Life, Eco Resort, Tui Umwelt Champion.

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