How to choose a loft bed for children: tips and ideas

When you decorate children’s room, the choice of a loft bed for children makes everyone happy: as parents we manage to optimize the space, while the children live that emotion and euphoria that only a house on the tree can give!

But beware: not all loft beds are suitable for young children!

The classic loft beds are indicated from 6 years of age. However, you can also think of giving younger children (usually 3 to 6 years old) a loft bed: just check that the selected bed and brand meet some basic safety features.

First of all, consider the height of the loft, which for children from 3 to 6 years should be less than 120 cm. Remember too, though, that a loft too low will then be uncomfortable when the kids grow up!

Materials are always very important, but even more with toddlers: check that the materials of the loft bed structure are certified without chemical products, without toxic paints and – possibly – in natural wood.

In order not to fall down from the loft bed there are various remedies: from the classic rail, to install and then remove, until the choice of anti-fall models (like the one I show you in the photos!)

Attention to ladder: it should be fixed, non-removable, and have non-slip steps (it would be enough to apply the adhesive strips that you find in DIY stores!)

Don’t forget to play! The loft beds for children should be practical furnishing solutions, which can help us parents in the organization of the children’s room, but still functional for the activity preferred by the youngest: play.

Under the loft bed you can foresee not only baskets for the games, carpets, lights, but also a corner with a writing desk to draw and maybe some shelf for books.

How to choose a loft bed for children: Gabry’s room has recovered space with Wickey Crazy Island

The bedroom of Gabry is small and was very full: games, bed, dolls, kitchenettes… Luckily the wall closet did not steal too much space, but the room area was also occupied by a second wardrobe with two doors and a chest of drawers…

Conclusion? At the last year of kindergarten in the bedroom of Gabry there was no room for a desk and for her books.

A difficult project because the longest walls were all occupied by structural elements: on the wall of the left wall-wardrobe, whose doors must be able to open, and on the right one the window. The short walls were… very short and occupied by the head of the bed at the bottom and the front door and the wardrobe on the opposite side.

Among the extensive offer of children’s beds, we chose Wickey, the German brand that offers a wide range of wooden products for children, such as garden games, set with swings and slides and playhouses. The products are all designed and produced in Germany and the brand really boasts a great experience in interior and exterior furnishing for children, in solid wood.

We chose the Loft bed for children Wickey Crazy Island because it summed up all the features that I told you and was very suitable for our 5-years-old friend

Gabry’s bedroom has finally been able to add the desk and bookshelves and gained space because the chest of drawers has been moved under the loft. There is no risk of falling because the roof and the side of the loft bed for children Wickey Crazy Island prevent falls, while the fun is assured: with the periscope (positionable wherever you want) you can leave for a thousand adventures in the world of fantasy! The windows that open make your children look like a real castle!

The material is Nordic pine wood, with smooth and untreated boards: a natural material, without chemical and harmful products, that becomes more and more beautiful with the passage of time and allows infinite customization solutions thanks to the possibility of painting it, sticking stickers, drawings…

Compared to other loft beds, Wickey Crazy Island bed has given a new wall to the bedroom of Gabry: this wall can become a maxi blackboard, a bulletin board for drawings or even a hanger solution with a few knobs here and there!

The assembly is simple thanks to clear instructions and to all the pieces supplied and clearly identified. The only advice is to take a weekend and ask for help because in some stages, such as lifting the flaps of the roof, are useful four arms! You will also need to equip yourself with an electric screwdriver, that you can also buy comfortably at low price on Amazon.

Personalization does not end! Wickey Crazy Island bed can in fact turn with the child that grows: with time, you can decide to remove the canopy or maybe the window. The loft bed for children will still be useful and functional for a long, long time!

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