How to choose the right backpack for school? 5 tips and all the most fashionable models

Back from holidays means back to school shopping!

One of the most important moments in the transition from kindergarten to elementary school is definitely the one in which you can finally choose the backpack for the school: if used first for bibs, snack, glass and cutlery and a little more, for elementary school various ergonomic characteristics should be considered. Without forgetting style, of course!

How to choose the right backpack for school? 5 tips

1. Consider the size and weight of the backpack 

Did you know that the backpack should be chosen based on the size (especially the height) of your child? Always remember to check that the backpack does not fall lower than the child’s waist: to be ergonomically positioned, the shoulder straps should embrace the shoulders well and the backpack should finish about 5 cm before your kid’s waist.

Also consider the weight of the backpack itself: it is important that the backpack is durable, but a very heavy backpack will be difficult to carry for your child. Several studies tell that the weight of the full backpack should not exceed 10% of the weight of the child. This means that a first-grader on average weights around 20 kg, so the backpack (books included) should weight up to 2 kg!

Backpack and Engel folder
Backpacks by Engel

2. Padding and shoulder straps

All backpacks on the market now have adjustable shoulder straps, but pay attention that they are wide and durable, padded and adjustable to allow the best adherence to the body of the child (and to adjust the length of the backpack as I explained above). Some models also have front straps on the chest or waist that allow an even better distribution of the weight: consider this feature according to your child because very small or particularly nervous children could be annoyed by many belts. Do not forget to check that the back is also padded.

Napapijri Backpack
A classic: Napapijri €49 backpack on

3. Waterproof and organic materials, a good investment

Cotton backpacks are usually cheaper but if it rains… opting for backpacks made of waterproof materials is always an advantage, especially if you will go to school on foot. For the organic topic, you have the choice: as you know we are always in favor of organic and sustainability, but in this case they are objects that do not remain in contact with the skin, so the choice is more ethical than practical. However, a waterproof backpack, just because of the materials with which it must be realized, can hardly be certified Gots: in this case I suggest you choosing a backpack in organic cotton and buy separately a rainproof cover (like those used for trekking backpacks).

Backpack Number 74
The number 74 backpack is bio-€59

4. Compartments: better weight distribution

Pockets, zip and various compartments are not only an organizational or aesthetic feature: with more compartments, the weight distribution will be more homogeneous. This is why it is advisable to buy backpacks with two or more internal compartments: the books should always be placed on the back of the backpack, towards the child’s back, while in the front you can store the lighter items.

Elodie Backpack Details
Elodie Backpacks Details-€49.90

5. Backpacks with wheels: NO

Backpacks with wheels (also called trolleys, just like suitcases) seem very practical and may seem safer to safeguard the back of children, but prolonged use could cause problems at the wrists – very delicate in kids – according to some medical studies. The choice depends on the type of trip home-school: if you do not have to travel a very long distance and if you do not have to climb stairs (consider that a trollery will weigh more than a classic backpack), then you can consider the option of the wheels.

Little Backpack
Bobo Choses Backpack €67

In any case, when choosing the backpack for the school always consider how you reach school: some children have to take long distances by foot and in this case the ergonomics is really priority, other children instead go by bus or by car until the school door… in this latter case you can close an eye!

How to choose the backpack for school? Our selection of backpacks 

You can also find a great selection on Amazon, where I found also  -in case you need because maybe you already bought the backpack – only the trolley with wheels (available in many colors):

About €17 on

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