How to choose children’s jacket

It’s time to buy a new children’s jacket and you don’t know what to choose… A good children’s jacket must have specific characteristics: when making your purchases keep them in mind!

How to choose children’s jacket: safety first

Safety is a fundamental requirement, not only for the little ones (but above all for them!): avoid garments with long laces and cords and prefer press buttons, easy to untie if necessary.

Also in winter it is done the night before, so it is essential that children are visible when they are outdoors, perhaps by bike: for this reason, garments that also have reflectors (small parts of reflective tissue) should be preferred.

How to choose children’s jacket: waterproof!

Another key feature for children’s jackets is waterproof. The degree of waterproofness of a outerwear is normally indicated through an indicator: the higher the value, the longer the fabric will remain waterproof. WP 10,000 mm is the highest rating and means that the garment is able to withstand incredibly strong water pressure, that is, 10 thousand millimeters of water column! This means that the fabric of a jacket with a water column of 10,000 mm would only pass the water inside when there are 10 meters of water above it!

Not only the fabric with which the children’s jacket is made must be waterproof, but also the seams. Taped seams indicate that a waterproof tape is attached to the back of the seam, which then prevents water from penetrating the garment.

How to choose children’s jacket: breathability

When children run into the playground, they overheat: this body heat must be released very quickly to prevent children from getting cold. Breathability is therefore another essential element to consider when you need to buy a new children’s down.

The breathability of a fabric is measured (and indicated in the labels) by the amount of grams of water that can penetrate a square meter of fabric within 24 hours (you will find mvp or gr/m2/24h indicated).

How to choose children’s jacket: padding

The down feather is a soft and very light natural material. The more a garment contains down, the better the insulation it provides: remember to read the labels because there are jackets with different percentages of down! Also make sure that the outer material is feather-proof, making sure that feathers do not jump out.

Among fabrics for synthetic padding, always take into account the characteristics of thermal insulation and breathability.

How to choose children’s jacket: chemical additives

Make sure that the jacket you choose does not contain harmful fluorinated substances such as PFOF or PFAF.

How to choose children’s jacket: resistance

Children’s outerwear must also be very durable!

Martindale’s method is used to analyze the resistance of fabrics and leather to wear. In particular of the material subjected to wear, they analyze: breaking resistance, pilling, color changes and weight loss.

How to choose children’s jacket: our Miniature Cph jacket

The jacket we have chosen for Sissi, like all Miniature Cph jackets, have reflective logos on the back with 70 lux, visible even from 300 mt.

The jacket that Sissi wears in the photo has a WP waterproofing value of 12,000 mm. The water resistance of a outerwear is reduced over time, so after five washes, WP is guaranteed at 10,000 mm (compared to guidelines recommending a WP of 5,000 mm to keep a child dry). All technical outerwear from Miniature Cph is characterized by taped seams, with the use of soft tapes that ensure that the fabric is not used easily.

The composition and treatment of the Miniature Cph outerwear collection ensures that they are very breathable with an MVP of 10,000.

Miniature Cph outerwear is tested with the Martindale method which measured a high score of over 50,000 rubs, meaning you can spend many hours playing outdoors!

The jacket worn by Sissi in these photos has an anti-pilling polar fleece-coated interior, soft and durable, which also provides excellent thermal insulation. The padding is made of Thermolite, a lightweight fabric with high thermal insulation that is also anti-sweat and highly breathable.

Miniature outerwear does not contain harmful fluorinated substances: they have a coating that makes the material waterproof, windproof and breathable at the same time. In particular, Miniature Cph outerwear has the BIONIC FINISH ECO, an ecological water repellent impregnation based on a fluoride-free recipe. This special coating is waterproof and dirt repellent, allows fabrics to dry faster, keeps colors and fabrics as new for longer and facilitates the care of fabrics making them resistant to washing.

The photos were taken in the small italian village of Braccano, also called the village of murales, near Matelica (MC).

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