Kids outfit for autumn: a perfect outfit to wear even under school apron!

With back to school, especially with the beginning of primary school, we need to find kids outfit that were suitable to be worn even under the school apron.

Beyond the considerations – totally personal, but I tell you that I absolutely disagree – whether it is right or not that children wear school apron, the obligation of this garment requires, especially for those who have problems with dermatitis such as Sissi, a series of precautions.

First of all the choice of school apron, which was really a difficult and very long search: we needed a 100% cotton school apron and  I found everywhere only aprons with 65% polyester… I finally found the perfect school apron, but that’s another story.

Found a pure cotton school apron, our dilemma was: how to dress underneath? We have one more layer, we do not want to give up fashion and I find a lack of respect towards the individuality of my daughter, as well as to good taste, relegate to school ugly, old or unfashionable clothes… Underneath you don’t see what kids are wearing (I quote textual words spoken by various moms and received as a comment to some of my articles written in the past).

Kids outfit for autumn: a perfect outfit to wear even under school apron!

With elementary school, girls also change the way of seeing fashion: they confront themselves with older girls, they want to look prettier and feminine, but they need to be comfortable and to be able to change for gym or to dress/undress quicklywhen they go to the bathroom… and so, when at the kindergarten her individuality passed through the choice of particular prints on tee, sweatshirts and baggy trousers, at elementary school her favorite (and comfortable) garments are dresses, sweatshirts and blouses, denim (intended as both jeans than as denim skirts).

And to the question how to dress children in autumn the answer is, in addition to the inevitable dress in layer (but you also have to consider that at school a layer is also the school apron!), shirt and jeans!

Yes, shirts and blouses are perfect for this time of year, either by themselves under the school apron, or possibly with sweatshirts and cardigans: at school they stay mainly seated at the desk, so these garments do not prevent movement and give much satisfaction to your girls (and boys!). And after school? You are ready for a walk to the museum, the park, the restaurant, or to leave for a weekend!

The blouse chosen for this kids outfit for autumn is from Autumn/winter collection of The Animals Observatory, while the comfortable denim trousers for both the culottes model and the waist with elastic and the beloved side pockets are of the current collection by Bobo Choses. With the culottes add some nice socks, like those with bows (from Calzedonia), and sneakers (which you also saw in this total look by Karl Lagerfeld Kids). The denim jacket is from the past collection of Les Coyotes de Paris.

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