Indee AW18: New brand, new coup de coeur

Indee stays for independence. Indee proposes to guide girls towards independence, audacity and freedom, allowing them to express themselves freely.

Indee: New brand, new coup de coeur

This is the message that the Belgian designers behind Indee wants to convey to the girls today. The brand name refers to a new generation of independent girls who want to dress exactly as they wish. Mothers of hyper-connected teenagers and full of ideas, the two designers have elaborated their project in constant interaction with their girls.

The Indee collection, from 6 to 16 years old, is characterised by vivid colours and prints inspired by pop. Mixing influences, colors and prints, the brand aims to surprise girls by suggesting styles and combinations that may not have yet thought. Indee wants to surprise them but also to help them to be surprised discovering their individuality and uniqueness.

Indee is the phrase that every girl should listen to: fashion should be fun and enhance the individuality of each one. It’s a way to express yourself, not to conform.

Indee AW18: We could be hero

Like the David Bowie song, Indee celebrates good vibrations, music and a skilful mix of different genres and codes.
Freed from daily habits and routine, throwing every possible cultural reference in the mix and nourishing their soul with all that surrounds our rafters can reveal the artist who is in them.

Transported by his daring and his creativity, Indee girl continues her journey.
On the horizon: independence and freedom.

You can buy Indee on the official website at retailers, including

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