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Infantium Victoria AW18: Marine symbiosis

New autumn/winter 2018/2019 collection comes out of the black, finally declared a color suitable also for children and made modern and fashionable by Infantium Victoria. It is called Marine Symbiosis and it’s a highly tactile collection, which delights the senses in luxurious iterations of classic silhouettes that however offer unexpected details.

We played with two of the most beloved dresses in the Fall/Winter 2018/19 collection of Infantium Victoria: Marine symbiosis has become for us a song of Sirens. This seaside, beautiful, enchanted, unique, is located in Salento (South Italy) on the private beach of Vivosa Apulia Resort and in these shots I really put my heart.

It is a “Sissi-Mermaid” who plays in the water at sunset, the last before the beginning of the school and a path of new commitments and rhythms. It is a celebration of these dresses from luxury and modern brand, really sustainable from every point of view, with which you can also play without worrying about getting dirty (I guarantee that we have washed these clothes after sea and sand and they are still perfect and new). It is letkidsbekids as we love it and we propose it to you every time, trying to tell you something new, interesting and stimulating.

Buy less, choose well, make it last: Vivienne Westwood said a long time before talking about slow fashion and fashion revolution. Think about it: for you and for your children. Do not tell me that they change size quickly and that is worth buying only low cost garments: a good garment can be washed many and many times without ruining, until… they don’t change size! And brothers or sisters could still continue to use it! Think about this when shopping garments.

You had already seen the beige dress in the shots in Finland: this time we have added a tulle dress, black, finished in an excellent way, that remembers in some way the nets of fishermen and that makes rock whatever your girl wants to wear underneath. I would also like this dress over a red total look, even during holiday season!

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